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Noteworthy newcomers in skincare (+photos)

By Janetta Mackay New Zealanders are spoiled for choice in skincare. As well as plentifulness of imported products there is a strong skincare sector here and it seems new ranges are launched every other week. Many of these are fastened to fall by the wayside,

Research and Markets: Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis - Presently ...

Through in-intuition and prudent analysis of the developments taking place at the global unvarying, we have observed that the market is presently dominated by skin care and hair care cosmeceuticals. However, injectable and other key sub-segments, such as tooth

New finds from the spa world

New finds from the spa world Eminence Natural Skin Care- Packed with carefully culled exotic ingredients, Eminence is a favorite among everyday skincare lovers - and there's a reason for that. Every mask, serum, cream and cream smells as good as it works to gently and naturally

Skin Care and Hairdressing in China: IBISWorld Report Now Updated

By 2016, industry interest is expected to have slowed to 5.8% growth for the year, according to IBISWorld, America's largest publisher of industry digging. In the five years through 2016, the annualized revenue growth of the Skin Care, Hairdressing and

Unraveling the Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

Behind these appealing adverts and politically correct taglines, lies the ugly face of the world of cosmetics. Who says you need to conceal the blemishes on your skin? Why do you need voluminous hair? Why must you contour your face? Behind this seemingly innocent service that the cosmetic industry provides is an extensive effort to permeate beauty standards that all women must meet.

Clear skin, luscious hair, face cuts and a plethora of other beauty ideals are pervaded through treated images plastered all over fashion magazines, coaxing the consumers to purchase so and so brand to acquire the above. The United States has the largest market of cosmetics around the world, with estimated whopping revenue of around $62 billion!

From years on end, the beauty industry is known to capitalize on the insecurities of women. And who created these insecurities? Yours truly! With millions spent on marketing these products, the master minds have successfully established that wrinkles, acne and blemishes are unattractive. Their solution is a range of concoctions to smear all over your face. Every year, the beauty industry creates new ideals, from contouring to baking to strobing. Who invented these terms and what do they require?

Is the Skin care industry really corrupt or do products really exist that have shows u longterm RESULTS?

If washing ure face w/dove just as good, I'm NOT about to spend hundreds of dollars on looong lists of toxic chemicals.
But do high-quality skin care products..lotions, washes, scrubs, mud stuff, facials...(perhaps organic products?)- the ones

Over the counter topical products are temporary if anything. Long term skin care comes from eating the right foods and vitamin supplements, getting good sleep, processing and relieving stresses, being vigilant about wearing 50+ sunscreen every day, drinking

I have found that Clinique products have worked well for my skin (that's mostly all I use). I can honestly see a difference between their products and other soaps. But I've also found that increasing my water intake and cutting out soda does wonders

Please always check for the ingredients before buying.
Find out the `best product for your skin type and specific need based on the ingredients.
Clean and clear products are affordable and yield good results.
I am using cleanand

What are the most popular skin care products in France?

I am just curious about skin care in France. I have read some articles that say that the skin care industry is more popular than the makeup industry in France, and that it is reversed in the US. Could anyone recommend good French skin care products? (I

Perlier is very popular in France.

I love Dior skin care products. They are great.