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    Shake Hand Brand Wah On Farm Crocodile Oil 100% 46ml, Made in Singapore 握手商标华安鳄鱼油 46ml 新加坡制造 8886374309602 (1 Pack)
    Beauty (Chop Wah On Singapore 新加坡华安药行)

    Chop Wah On Singapore 新加坡华安药行

    List Price: $73.77
    Price: $73.77

    • 适用:1.滋润肌肤,减 水份流失,舒缓肌肤 燥,皲裂;2.淡化皱 与细纹,淡化太阳晒 、黑斑、雀斑,鱼尾 ,眼袋,黑眼圈;3.增 加肌肤弹性,紧致肌肤 ,恢复肌肤光泽,美白 肌肤,白皙透亮;4.利 鳄鱼油天然成份,重 肌肤自然保护系统, 复痤疮(暗疮)及疤 。商品从原产地新加 直邮发货,附带跟踪 息,以方便检查其交 状态。亲们,若要咨 华安鳄鱼油,欢迎致 +65 92980828(新加坡)与曾先 接洽,或加微信号 Aha-Yess 联系,感谢您的光临。
    • As a therapeutic massage and carminative oil, as well as mosquito repellent. A handy injuries remedy for pets, cats, dogs, horses and other animals.
    • Crocodile fats are sourced from registered CITES farms. 100% Crocodile oil will congeal under cold temperature. When brought back to room temperature it will remain a light golden cloudy speckled liquid. On heating up it will return to its original golden clear oil appearance. It has a mild oily aroma of authentic crocodile oil.
    • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, reduces moisture loss, reduces the chances of chapped and dry skin. Lightening the appearance of wrinkles; sun spots; dark spots; freckles; eye wrinkles, eye bags, dark eye circles and acne scars. Adding elasticity, firmness, radiance, smoothness and whitening effect to the skin. Natural ingredients in crocodile oil help the process of skin renewal and skin rejuvenation. Diffuses UV ultraviolet rays, removes the yellow freckles and improves itching symptoms.
    • Helps to heal wounds, burns, scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, frostbite, cold sores, insect bites, stings, beriberi, irritated and injured skin.

    Tai Tong Ah Double Prawn Brand Herbal Oil 28ml, Made in Singapore, GMP, Itching Swelling Insect Bite Skin Irritation Eruption Cut Burn Fungal 大东亚双虾标青草油 28毫升 新加坡制造 (1 Pack)
    Health and Beauty (Tai Tong Ah Singapore 新加坡大東亞)

    Tai Tong Ah Singapore 新加坡大東亞

    List Price: $11.50
    Price: $11.50

    • For the relief of pain, bleeding, swelling and itchiness due to insect stings, minor cuts, skin irritation, fungal infection, abrasions, bruises and a range of skin problems.
    • A brownish oil with characteristic smell.
    • For skin eruption, hong kong foot, pimples, acne, Itching, athlete's foot, sores, minor and burns.
    • 新加坡制造。主治;1. 痈疡肿毒、疔疮、湿疹 、痤疮、皮炎、蚊虫叮 咬等皮肤肿痛、瘙痒症 状。2. 皮肤真菌感染,各种癣 症,如头癣、足癣、手 癣等。3. 甲沟炎、指端疼痛等。 4. 汤火轻微烫伤。5. 轻微割伤、轻微擦伤等 。6. 跌打损伤,气血瘀滞疼 痛,如门缝夹到手指等 。商品从原产地新加坡 直邮发货,附带跟踪信 息,以方便检查其交货 状态。 亲们,若要咨询双虾标 青草油,欢迎致电+65 92980828(新加坡)与曾先 接洽,或加微信号 Aha-Yess 联系,感谢您的光临。
    • Ships from Singapore, its country of origin.

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Korea's A Beauty Mecca, So These 2 Friends Bring Organic K-Skincare Closer To You With Its Online Shop

“Time was also another challenge as both of us are not into this full-time [so we spend our] extra time left over the week and the weekends, which does need some effort,” Joanna said.

“But, I’m glad it turned out not so bad as we made one with Shoptiq by ourselves without engaging the help from experts. Now, everyone who has great ideas and passion can be an entrepreneur just with a click of a mouse.”

They had also participated in a flea market organised by Angie’s friend and Joanna thought it was a good experience.

“The turnout was pretty much focused on the Korean expat groups so, we did manage to [gain] awareness for Spatulaworks but we still need to [reach] out to more [people] in Singapore.”

On top of using tools like Shoptiq to kickstart their business, Joanna revealed that they also use social media like, Facebook and Instagram, to expand their reach.

Joanna and Angie are working towards building and growing a community in Singapore that cares for the importance of natural skincare, and exploring collaborations with like-minded businesses in the industry.

Where can I buy Dermatics Skin Care Products in Singapore?

Try asking Derma clinics or drugstores if they have this product.

UG Bang Skin Care Products in Singapore .?

I am looking for this Korea/Japan Skin Care Brand called UG Bang. Anybody know where can I find in singapore. This there any shop in singapore thats sells this products.

Thanks for your help
Anybody know where can

I have not heard of this brand (i am in singapore).

I think you might want to try The Basic Beauty shops as they bring in stuff from japan. there's one in parco bugis junction (next to watsons).