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    Lot Simengdi Palace Silver Pearl Embellish Day Cream + Gold Pearl Shine Night Cream Anti aging Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-ageing Skin Care Chinese Herbs
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    List Price: $31.96
    Price: $31.96

    • GANODERMA EXTRACT-Ganoderma has been described as "the King of Herbs" and "the God's Herb" in the East. It grows on the top of the high mountains. It is extremely difficult to collect. Ganoderma can provide relief for acne, fine lines, age spots and the sun damaged skin.
    • ANTI-ALLERGENIC and anti-inflammatory.Rich in essential amino acids, it can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells. Reduce wrinkles and slow down the ageing process.
    • CHINESE NATURALY HERBS - Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is the most famous skin care brand in China. Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is a combination of Bio-Gold with Pearl essence, prepared with care using the latest biotechnology.Containing gentle hyaluronic acid, moisturizing vitamin E, and rich in essential amino acids from hydrolyzed pearl liquid, Bio-Gold Pearl Cream rejuvenates and smoothes the outer layer of your skin, leaving it incredibly soft.100% safe for your Skin!
    • 100% RISK FREE-We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases. That is why we cover every transaction with our unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    • FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN - Suitable for all kinds of skin with the series of other products used together ,better effect.SIMENGDI Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is radically different from other skin care products. It transports vital moisture to the deep layers of your skin, with essential amino acids increasing collagen and elastin production. It rejuvenates and smoothes the outer layer of skin, leaving it incredibly soft, moistened, and flexible.

    Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6
    Beauty (Tinkle)


    List Price: $4.39
    Price: $3.50
    You Save: $0.89 (20%)

    • The real Tinkle has the "DORCO" logo
    • Tinkle Dorco Eyebrow Razor
    • The skin-protection stainless steel safety cover is use to protect women's dedicated and sensitive skin
    • BEWARE of FAKE tinkle sold and shipped from China
    • Blades Made in Korea/Handles Made in Vietnam/ONLY Sold in USA

P&G's Home-Care Unit Pays Steep Price for its Passage to India

P&G's Home-Care Unit Pays Steep Price for its Passage to India The results for the 12 months ended in Walk, released just last month, show that the home-care unit (which handles P&G's key laundry cleaner, hair, skin-care and feminine-care products) increased sales 35%, to $533 million.

Creating products that enhance life

When your skin is healthful and radiant, you become happy and confident.” Hoan acknowledges that this is an perpetual industry. “We all like to look good,” she says, “and our motivation is to rearrange good skin care products to help people solve their

Skin Care and Hairdressing in China: IBISWorld Report Now Updated

In the five years through 2016, the annualized take growth of the Skin Care, Hairdressing and Beauty Services industry in China is expected to be 6.7%. Dynamism revenue growth is forecast to be highest in the early years of the days,

Research and Markets: Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis - Presently ...

Through in-abstruseness and prudent analysis of the developments taking place at the global aim, we have observed that the market is presently dominated by skin care and hair care cosmeceuticals. However, injectable and other key sub-segments, such as tooth

KH NeoChem aims to globally expand its chemical sales

Due to the challenge brought about by climate change, we must re-think the way we live and conduct business. In order for the “green-switch” to happen, the private sector across the world must lead by example, by becoming eco-friendlier. How is your company contributing to creating eco-friendly solutions?

It is essential for companies to be environmentally friendly, especially those dealing with chemicals. At KH Neochem we have two business lines: basic chemicals and functional chemicals. The functional chemicals are mainly classified as refrigeration lubricant oil, cosmetic raw materials and electric materials.       

The world's population continues to grow and is expected to increase from 7.6 billion to 9.6 billion by 2050; resulting in an expansion of the middle-class segment. This segment typically purchases refrigerators first, then air conditioning before purchasing a car. This makes the refrigeration lubricant market a promising area of business. Countries such as China, India and South America, whose middle-class segment is already growing rapidly, have an increased need for air conditioning due to their hot and humid climates.

What paper works do I need to import skin care products from China?

I have a friend produce skin care products in China and I wanting to help him sell the products in America, what paper works I need to get to do so?

You contact US Customs and show them what you propose. You can hire an independent Customs Broker in the USA to do it all for you... but you have to pay them.

you need to get the importing and marketing approval

Have you ever used skin care products from China??

Have you ever tried a Chinese skin-care products, or What's your idea about Chinese skin-care products? Do you think some skin-care products are better than some from U.S. or Europe?

Skin care does not only rely on skin products it depends on diet and how much water you drink. A good face scrub and vitamin E cream are as good as any expensive products. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that contain antioxidants and drink plenty

No, and i wouldnt want to anything from China is crap

eeewww no