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    Manuka Honey Active 15+ Healing Concentrated Ointment - Manuka Honey for Skin and Wound Care - Face and Body - Dry Irritated Skin - by Nature’s Gold
    Health and Beauty (Honeybiz Australia Pty Ltd)

    Honeybiz Australia Pty Ltd

    List Price: $16.95
    Price: $16.95
    You Save: $3.55 (21%)

    • PREMIUM AUSTRALIAN BUSH BOTANICALS: In addition to our Manuka, we've formulated our ointment with bush botanicals for even more fast-acting effectiveness. Our Honey Ointment is made and packaged in Australia
    • EFFECTIVE FOR HEALING MINOR BURNS AND ABRASIONS: Use our concentrated natural Manuka cream to help heal minor injuries while also protecting against infection
    • 30% MANUKA HONEY NPA 15+: Nature's Gold Skin Care uses natural Manuka Honey NPA 15+ to provide you with the incredibly powerful benefits of this natural resource
    • CALMS IRRITATED SKIN: Apply our Manuka ointment to skin to help reduce itchiness and redness that can be associated with eczema, dermatitis, and extremely dry skin. Also calms and reduces swelling caused by mosquito or insect bites and stings
    • CREATES MOISTURE BARRIER: Nature's Gold Manuka Honey Ointment helps to form an effective barrier that protects and moisturizes dry skin

    Eye bag cream with elastin. Anti wrinkle eye cream PROVEN to reduce eye wrinkles, fine lines, deep lines, eye puffiness up to 30% in 28 days. Advanced dermatology elastin anti aging skincare products
    Beauty (Narhex Australia Pty Ltd)

    Narhex Australia Pty Ltd

    List Price: $47.99
    Price: $47.99

    • Eye bag cream with elastin for skin rejuvenation delivering lasting results. The soluble elastin rejuvenates wrinkled skin by enriching and boosting your natural elastin structure over time. Repairs fine lines, marionette Lines, expression lines, deep wrinkles, forehead lines, crow's feet, sagging skin, eye bags, under eye circles and puffy eyes for men and women. 15ml/1 fl.oz. HANDY PUMP BOTTLE: NO WASTAGE
    • PROVEN IN 3 CLINICAL INDEPENDENT TRIALS: Narhex is the only beauty brand that have conducted 3 separate clinical studies on our anti-wrinkle cream and anti-aging products in independent government institutions in Australia, France and the UK. Results show that: 67% had improvement in course wrinkles; 73% had improvement in fine lines; up to 30% net reduction in all lines and wrinkles. The best anti aging skin care products provides you proof it works. Ask us to send you the report!
    • THE BEST ANTI AGING CREAM ON THE MARKET. We are an Australian company making superior products for the harsh Australian climate, because Australians need superior rated skin care than the European and American brands provide. Luckily our misfortune is your luck! Our breakthrough research will provide you with superior performance than American, Asian or European brands too! After 30 years Narhex is Australia's best kept secret in skin care ONLY NOW AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS
    • SECRET TO RECLAIMING YOUR YOUTHFUL GLOW EBOOK: We'll email you the Narhex Manual with your purchase containing 30 years of accumulated knowledge on how to reclaim your youthful glow with Narhex products. When used together they can take years of how you look; even skin tone, repair skin function, pore size, fine lines, marionette lines, expression lines, deep wrinkles, forehead lines, crows feet, sagging skin, eye bags, under eye circles and puffy eyes for men and women.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE....OVER 30 YEARS OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS....Just try our products and if you don't absolutely love them let us know and we will refund your purchase price. We are so confident you will love our products like all our long term customers in Australia! You will be amazed at the customer service you receive after the sale! You have nothing to lose so ORDER NOW and you'll be thanking yourself in the years to come.

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KCONAU Interview: YouTuber Kim Dao talks kbeauty and living in Korea & Japan!

Kat : Welcome to K-Con! What are you looking forward to most?

Kim : Thank you! I’m looking forward to mainly the Kbeauty Panels. No, wait, can I change it? Cause that’s really dumb, cause I’m in them *both laugh* So let’s just change to something else. Honestly I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, and just meeting people that are interested in Korean culture as well!

Kat : And have you met Sara (SeoulSarang) before today?

Kim: Yeah, I met Sara in July this year. I met her during a K-Office event, actually, and we spent about 10 days together in Seoul. And since she’s also an Australian, we thought that we can try and come to K-Con together. So it’s great!

Kat: Are you looking forward to the concert tonight as well? Do you have a favourite group?

Kim : I am up to new experiences, I don’t really know much about K-Pop. I’m very interested in the experience, so excited for it!

from where can i get apricot skin care products from australia?

i m living in melbourne ,victoria .i tried to find apricot PRODUCTS at terry white,price line but i couldn't find apricot gentle scrub for sensitive skin.can any one tell me from where i can get them .plz help me ...........thanks

Do you mean the St Ives ones or whatever?
I'm not sure about Melbourne, but I'm in Perth and I've seen them in Woolworths and places like that.

Forget about the chemical filled, fake products. Use the real fruit. It is really good to just make a paste out of apricots and add some rough salt to scrub your face. It really works! Add the paste to your face and scrub and leave on for like 5 minutes

Where can i find about good skin care products for men in australia?

I dont know where to find information on products available in australia good ones if anyone can help itd be awsome

Dermalogica's Shave line is great. My brother uses it and has raved to me about how much better his shave is now. Also, the Dermaogica Shave line has cleansers that are good for men. We're in the U.S., but I KNOW Dermalogica is in Australia. Definitely

Dermalogica's Shave line is great. My brother uses it and has raved to me about how much better his shave is now. Also, the Dermaogica Shave line has cleansers that are good for men. We're in the U.S., but I KNOW Dermalogica is in Australia. Definitely