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    Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant | Non-Toxic, Paraben Free, Gluten Free & Cruelty Free Men’s and Women’s Deodorant | Made with Organic Coconut Oil | 2.0 oz
    Beauty (Kopari)


    List Price: $16.00
    Price: $16.00
    You Save: $2.00 (12%)

    • NON-TOXIC FORMULA- Our 100% plant based active works with your body's natural functions to aid in odor reduction
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Don't sweat it. Try us risk-free. If you don't love us, return within 60 days for a full refund
    • NATURALLY BASED AND MADE WITH ORGANIC COCONUT OIL- Our lightly coconut milk scented unique blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil conditions and soothes even the most sensitive underarms. It's like skincare for your pits
    • BACK IN STOCK-- GET IT WHILE IT LASTS-- SOLD OUT 5 TIMES | ALUMINUM-FREE DEODORANT- Sweat is natural, aluminum on your bod is not. Unjunk your funk and say goodbye to nasty chemicals
    • GOES ON CLEAR - our deodorant glides on smooth without leaving a sticky, white residue

    PHYTOPHANÈRE 100% Natural Dietary Supplement | 4 MONTHS | Low Calorie Capsules | Promotes Longer, Fuller Thicker Hair, Healthy Hair Growth, Stronger Nails, Skin Radiance | Vitamin E, Biotin, Omega 3
    Prestige Beauty (Phyto)


    List Price: $84.00
    Price: $84.00

    • Free of Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates 
    • Contains Vitamins B and C, and Cystine (Promote healthy hair and nail growth) and Pro-Vitamin A (Helps boost skin's radiance)
    • Contains Vitamin (Acts as a powerful antioxidant) and Omegas 3 and 6 (Increases shine)

iSpy: Gadgets to get the most out of your Apple product

iSpy: Gadgets to get the most out of your Apple product by Chris Pittman Christmas has fly at and gone and maybe you scored an Apple product or two. Lucky. Now you exigency to accessorize your new beauty with a case, stand or keyboard. Here are some reviews of products that will play agreeably with your new iPhone,

LISTINGS: Courses/Workshops, Talks/Lectures, Write Stuff - January 12 - January 19

LISTINGS: Courses/Workshops, Talks/Lectures, Write Stuff - January 12 - January 19 Parade 24, Curtains for Beginners, March 24, Crochet for Beginners and Candle Making / Natural Bath and Beauty Products workshops coming readily at some time, bring your own sewing machine or book one in the workshops held at Meersbrook Joint Reformed Church,

Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival

Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival It should be stated repay up front that the Midwest, with its rich culture, stark natural beauty and superlative decency, at defies stereotypes. Living in the middle of the country is very different from living in the halfway point of nowhere. Calendar

Formed in 2009 by friends and warhorse choral singers in New York City, the Accord Treble Choir selects challenging music, from medieval carol to modern choral works that emphasizes the beauty of treble voices. The choir explores divers languages and

Natural beauty and Americana await in the hills of Ohio

Appalachian culture is alive and well in Hocking Hills, making this an ideal place to tap into the roots of our country. Visitors get to sample the flavors of moonshine, bluegrass music and quirky sites like a pencil sharpener museum and washboard factory  (that's still in operation and offers tours of the workshop – where guests get to make their own tunes).

The biggest buzz, however, surrounds the  John Glenn Astronomy Park,  located in one of Ohio's few remaining zones where the night sky can be seen in its near-pristine state. 

This observatory invites guests to experience the constellations with their eyes or through a large telescope, and a meticulously-designed plaza allows the sun's rays to fall upon a central point on the first day of each of the four seasons.       

Soak up more local flavor at JimBo's Burgers and Beer or Brewery 33 (tagline: "German heritage with an Appalachian style"). In a posh setting, get whisked away to Scotland on Glenlaurel's serene 140-acre estate.

Feedback on All Natural Cosmetic/Beauty Products?

Since having a baby in 2005, I have become keenly aware of all the unnecessary chemical exposure we have in the normal course of our lives. I have made many changes to my family's diet, methods for cleaning, laundering, etc. One area that is of particular

I love natural products, but they tend to be quite expensive. If you could pull off natural AND affordable, you'd likely do well.

I want to start making and selling natural beauty products...?

So, I got this big idea that I wanted to make and sell my own beauty products, after reading some expensive lotion and lip balm labels and seeing that they contain NO real ingredients! I mentioned this to my boyfriend, and he seemed interested in helping

I like things that smell like lemons, caramel, or cherry almond(like jenkins lotion ^^)
You could try selling them in front of a store(with shop owner's permission of course)