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acai berry diet scam

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Acai diet scam case closed

If you be to lose weight, beware of claims from companies that sell acai berry products, colon cleansers and the like. Authorities have sued or investigated several companies based on consumer complaints.

The Skinny on Fat

Based on their website apply oneself to, acaisweet, one would assume that BSweet is another manifestation of Acai (Ah-Sigh-EE) Berries, the supposititious antioxidant superfruit. Acai has been associated with weight-loss scams (cough Dr Oz) before.

Celebrities Hit Back at Fake News Sites Shilling Diet Pills, Face Creams

These bogus sites use the logos of well-known media sites, including CNN, TMZ, Vogue, and Entertainment Today. The fabricated celebrity gossip stories with their eye-catching headlines and pictures, all sing the praises of whatever product is being pushed. At the bottom of each “story” is a large ad that offers a free sample.

“This is out-and-out fraud,” said consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky, publisher of , who blew the whistle on this latest round of deception. “They’re using famous celebrities without their permission, publishing fake testimonials and stealing the logos of trusted news organizations to fool people.”

The headline on the “exclusive” phony story on Entertainment Today (not to be confused with the real website reads: “The Shocking Reason Joy Behar Is Quitting The View! Joy Behar Reveals All.”

Behar is leaving The View, it says, to spend full time working on her “wildly popular anti-aging skin care line” called JuvaLux that is “highly potent and effective.”


Ok so i ordered the Acai Berry diet pills yesterday. I ordered the free trial.. and all these websites say that "Its a scam and they charge like alot of money on your visa.." Anyway. So i thought. Since its a free trial why not order it with

Walmart now sells a Acai Berry pill. It actually contains more of the berry that helps you lose the weight. My sister has lost 50 lbs. It's only $10.00

If it is a free trial, you should not need to give them ANY money at all.

Acai Berry Diet Pill Scam?

This is not a question, but some important information I wanted to get out there about the acai berry diet pill. There have been scams with that pill where they claim to only charge your credit card for S/H but end up charging over $70 and they won't

yep i thumbs down every one of those i see. Selling fake dreams is what it is