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    Love Beauty And Planet Relaxing Rain Body Wash, Argan Oil & Lavender, 16 oz, 2 ct
    Beauty (Unilever / Best Foods)

    Unilever / Best Foods

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    Price: $13.89
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    • YES Ethically Sourced Lavender,  YES with Plant Based Cleansers, YES Vegan, YES Not Tested on Animals, YES Paraben Free Body Wash, YES Mild and Sulfate Free Cleansers
    • Infused with Natural Argan Oil and Heirloom French Lavender, this moisturizing body wash's scent calms the spirit and mind
    • Love Beauty and Planet's Relaxing Rain body wash nourishes for soft, smooth skin -- day or night
    • Our Relaxing Rain Body Wash is infused with Organic Coconut Oil
    • Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Body Wash moisturizes and envelops your skin in a soothing relaxed feel

    Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 7-Row
    Beauty (Denman)


    List Price: $12.94
    Price: $7.95
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    • Smooth nylon pins in an anti static, natural rubber pad
    • Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair
    • Smooth nylon pins in an anti-static, natural rubber pad. Brush Width 35 mm
    • Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair
    • 7 row

New Brighton store owner wants women to have 'clean beauty'

The owner of a new store in downtown Brighton hopes to give local women greater access to higher-end natural and animal-cruelty-free makeup and beauty products.

Longtime New York City resident and high-end retail professional Kathleen London, who recently moved to Brighton, opened her new store London Beauty at 424 W. Main Street in the former Henkel's Barber Shop last month. 

"As I'm sure you know, most commercial cosmetics are tested on animals and are chock full of chemicals," London said. 

She said her shop is part of a "clean beauty movement," which has gained a lot of steam on the east and west coasts. 

The movement "doesn't seem to concentrate on areas like the Midwest," she said. "Access is more restricted here and there is nothing in Livingston County that specifically specializes. ... for a lot of these products, there might be one other (store) in metro Detroit."

What are your favorite health-food store/natural beauty products?

The staff at this link are very helpful & informative

I can't live without Zum mint soap bar. I buy a lot of Burt's Bees because I have a relative who can get it discounted for me. I buy all of the herbs and spices I need and the store closest to me sells a really great bath soak in bulk. I don't know

What to do with unsold beauty products and candle supplies from a closed business?

Do you have advice for what I can do with unsold beauty products from a store that went out of business??

I have organic, natural beauty products and candle supplies that I'd like to sale but don't know how to go about it. Any suggestions


what do you have that you need to sell?

i may be interested depending on what you have.. and also where you are located.

could you email me the details and also how much your asking price is?

thanks Z