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    Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
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The Key to Clean: Dental Hygiene for Cats

Dental hygiene remains paramount for good overall feline health. Apart from the issues of periodontal disease, bacteria left unattended in the mouth, when ingested internally, can lead to various life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, and liver and kidney failure.

Although February has been designated Pet Dental Month, more pet owners are being educated about dental issues and the need for year-round dental care. And to this end, pet specialty stores with an active internet presence via a store website and social media sites have helped enormously in an educational role.

Dental on Display

Experts agree that even more can be done by drawing attention to products that promote good feline dental hygiene.

“The key to promoting and selling feline dental care products year round is to merchandise them in different places within the store,” said AdreAnne Tesene, owner of Two Bostons in Naperville, Illinois. “We carry a variety of dental products, such as Paws IQ and Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste, and market them in multiple areas within the store, such as the grooming section and near food and treats in our cat department.

Wellness and Evo brands good for my cats health?

I have a 12 months old female and a 2-3 years old male cat; I'm currently feeding them Wellness vet food (1/2 can per day each cat) plus some dry, between meals, Evo brand with real chicken (1/4 cup per day each cat); the vet recommended me "Only

You're doing fine on your own. Vets recommend Science Diet because they get a 75% discount from the manufacturer to stock it. But very few vets have any nutritional training. Still, you'd think they'd look at the ingredients and KNOW that the huge amount

You are doing right by your cats, and current studies show that dry food is a major contributor towards diabetes, obesity, urinary tract disorders, and kidney disease. Not all vets have furthered their education in nutrition beyond what they were taught

Yes, I don't see how educated vets can recommend Science Diet. Wellness and Evo are 2 of the better brands on the market. Wet food is much better for your cat's health than dry, although both companies make dry food that is much better than average.

Where can I buy Vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate powder for a raw feline diet?

I'm following Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and I have found bonemeal online but not vitamin C for cats in a powder form. Any websites that you know of besides PETCO or PETSMART?

try or for supplements to the raw diet you are working on.
you may also want to consider commercially prepared raw diets that are already balanced out and contain the right amount of nutrients, meats, vegetables,

Any health food store carries it.

Try a natural supplements store or healthfood store. I had a store close to where I used to live that sold a lot of natural stuff and I could find all my supplements there to include in my animals diets. Vitamin K, special oils, powdered Vit C and something