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    Organic Acai Berry Powder, 1/2 Lb - Bioactive Pure Acai Berry Powder - Vegan Protein
    Health and Beauty (Optimally Organic)

    Optimally Organic

    List Price: $47.95
    Price: $47.95

    • Raw Organic Freeze-Dried Whole-Fruit Açaí Powder. Real Raw Açaí Berry!
    • The Highest Quality And Most Bioactive Pure Acai Berry Powder.
    • Excellent Source of Vegan Protein and Fat Burning Omega Fatty Acids
    • Made in USA
    • Small Batch Produced, Never Heated and Free of Chemicals and Carriers.

    Activa Naturals Super Antioxidant Supplement with Acai, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Goji, Noni & Berries Herbs - 120 Veg. Caps
    Health and Beauty (Activa Naturals Inc.)

    Activa Naturals Inc.

    List Price: $24.95
    Price: $24.95
    You Save: $2.00 (8%)

    • WHY SUPER ANTIOXIDANTS - Super Antioxidants Health Supplement may support healthy immune system and more energy for daily routine activities to fight against lethargic, tired and fatigue feeling by providing nutritional support with Natural Fruits as Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Wild Black Cherry, Blueberry, Elderberry and more*
    • MORE VALUE FOR LESS - 120 Vegetarian Capsules, Manufactured in USA, No Fillers, No Chemicals, No Additives, No Artificial Colors and Strict Quality Systems to Give you the best Antioxidants to help reduce levels of free radicals in the body
    • BUY CONFIDENTLY FROM US - We will work with you until you are fully satisfied as Activa Naturals Products are always covered by a 60-Day Hassle Free Warranty
    • A TRUSTED BRAND - Activa Naturals is Known for their Natural and Herbal Specialty Vitamins providing you the highest quality ingredients - Our Focus is Giving you the best Antioxidants Capsules rather than Making Any Claims about our products - Unique Fruits (Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Wild Black Cherry, Blueberry, and Elderberry), Grape Skin Extract and Resveratrol added to support Active Lifestyle*
    • LOVED BY CUSTOMERS - Improve Quality of Life by Adding healthy foods, daily exercises and the daily required water intake along with Natural & Herbal Super Antioxidants Supplement to support active lifestyle routine, sports activities and overall wellness*

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Acai Berry diets? Which one is better?

which acai berry diet is better, Acai Berry Actives or Acai Berry Blast?

thank you!

they are about the same

"Acai berry diets" are all scams. There is nothing special about the "acai berry" it is all marketing hype.

The acai berry diet would be as effective as the blueberry diet or the strawberry diet. Berries of all types