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Bye bye cramps: Cannabis comes to the rescue for women

At the West 2nd Avenue dispensary.

Some of her girlfriends had suggested hormone therapy or a hysterectomy, but Dobbs says she was raised with a holistic approach to health and found the procedures too drastic.

“I did my research and I found that THC fits the same receptors in the body as progesterone,” she says.

Although she had family members and friends who used cannabis to treat arthritis and back pain, it wasn’t until she discovered the relationship between that hormone and the active ingredient in cannabis that she became curious about its applications for her own health.

“So I went into a dispensary, and had that whole ‘bro’ experience—with a well-meaning young man, of course—but then I started talking about having sore breasts and itchy skin and painful menstruation and not having a libido,” she says, nearly keeling over with laughter.

“I thought, ‘This is unfortunate. This guy is probably 21 and he doesn’t want to hear this.’ He didn’t really know what to do, but he put his finger on a chocolate, slid it across the counter, and said, ‘Some women use these for PMS.’ ”