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Your horoscope for February 8 to 14, 2018

The opening of the Olympics on Thursday—coinciding with Mercury in Aquarius dialing it up—is sure to be a standout event, not only for the creative spectacle but for the politics, too.

Thursday/Friday, Mercury teams up with the karmic axis (south node). Serving as precursor to next week’s solar eclipse in Aquarius, agent Mercury is now promoting the next “live action” movie. Don’t underestimate the potency of what sparks you or what you run up against. Last month and this month places us at a peak destiny-in-the-making threshold, one that holds greater-than-average potential to make greater-than-average progress. This time of karmic recall provides an opportunity to meet with the past in order to rework and resolve it, or to meet with the earnings of the past as a fruition springboard. Of course, evolution is, typically, a blending of the unresolved and fresh opportunity.

No matter how the eclipse just past or the coming one delivers for you, they serve to speed up the action. Eclipses set the future onto a faster track.