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Stringing together junkscience through a daisy train of non sequiturs, and with an alarming absence of any interest in such ideas as privacy and autonomy, the BMA's 'perilous dossier' included the factoid that 'the concentration of toxins in a

A dossier must be changed and submitted on all chemicals that will be evaluated against a base set of toxicological data requirements, with ascending levels of statistics depending upon production volume. For chemi- cals produced in quantities above 10

In the third inquiry Repros asked if it was appropriate for both divisions to review the dossier. Both divisions concurred that a clinically significant outcome other than testosterone would be required for approval, and if the drug were to be reviewed

Elusive 'Substantial Damage' Letter a Stumbling Block for Some Sandy Survivors

Frank Azack doesn’t bother to lock his door anymore.

“There’s nothing to take,” he chuckled. “The house is totally empty!”

Standing in the echoey, gutted remains of the tiny structure in Toms River that he and his wife used to call home, it’s easy to see what he means. The walls are gone, leaving exposed pipes and wiring; the floor is warped, and there’s still evidence of mold in some places. For Azack, it’s a depressing sight.

“The insurance company told me that I should have the floors ripped out, put new beams in, replace the plywood, clean out the crawlspace, and repair any cracks with epoxy adhesive,” he said. “Like putting a Band-Aid on it, you know? It’s not going to work.”

“Not going to work” because there’s a crack in the foundation, and the house is slowly sinking into the ground. Essentially, it’s a total loss. Azack’s insurance company finally acknowledged as much, cutting him a check in mid-2013 for $74,000 dollars, 82 percent of the structure’s value. But town officials initially said his losses were much less. It took Azack another year to get a letter from Toms River, declaring his home “substantially damaged.”

India's Best Companies for CSR 2014: With hospitals & hockey schools, SAIL ...

Birendra Lakra hails from Lachchada village near Rourkela, one of the most backward areas in the country. But when he takes to the turf, he steals the show with a curved stick and ball. A cadet of the SAIL Hockey Academy (SHA) of Rourkela Steel Plant, Lakra recently made India proud with a historic win over Pakistan in the finals of the Incheon Asian Games. And like Lakra, the academy is churning out hockey heroes by the dozens from among local tribals who live around the steel plant. "They have a natural affinity for the game and many of them start playing the game with hockey sticks carved out from branches of trees," says HS Pati, Director, Personnel, SAIL. Set up in 1992, SHA catches such talent young and imparts them special training, including free boarding, medical facilities, monthly stipend, balanced diet and education.

Kavita Sarkar lives in a slum outside Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) and had no income in the past. In 2009, she joined 15 other women to form a self-help


Chemtech was a chemical firm employing nearly 1,500 people. Since the company
was operating in a sheltered economic environment, the organizational focus for
many years was

I cannot believe I just read this whole thing. I'm confused on what exactly you want to know here. My feeling is the employee told Das to see if it would effect him getting the promotion or getting fired. In which case Vardhan would file a lawsuit

no 1 can b bothered to read that

I cannot believe I just read this whole thing. I'm confused on what exactly you want to know here. My feeling is the employee told Das to see if it would effect him getting the promotion or getting fired. In which case Vardhan would file a lawsuit

what should das do at this moment!?

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utter rubbish...


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