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Reasons to be fearful? Top 10 panics of 2011
Stringing together junkscience through a daisy train of non sequiturs, and with an alarming absence of any interest in such ideas as privacy and autonomy, the BMA's 'perilous dossier' included the factoid that 'the concentration of toxins in a

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP | Practical Advice for Product Steward ...
A dossier must be changed and submitted on all chemicals that will be evaluated against a base set of toxicological data requirements, with ascending levels of statistics depending upon production volume. For chemi- cals produced in quantities above 10

CEL-SCI Authorizes Expansion of Phase III Clinical Trial to an Additional 4 ...
In the third inquiry Repros asked if it was appropriate for both divisions to review the dossier. Both divisions concurred that a clinically significant outcome other than testosterone would be required for approval, and if the drug were to be reviewed

Cardium Announces Review in Journal Of Cardiovascular Pharmacology Finds ...

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cardium Therapeutics, an operating unit of Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. (Trading Symbol: CRXM) today announced the publication of a review article in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology that concludes a gene therapy product promoting the growth of blood vessels is "highly warranted" to treat about 1 million U.S. heart-disease patients and 6 million more worldwide who are either ineligible or poor candidates for traditional angioplasty, stent placement or bypass surgery.

The review described significant progress in gene therapy that resulted from optimized techniques to deliver an effective vessel-growth-promoting gene to heart tissue of patients most likely to respond to such treatment, and was authored by Dr. Gabor M. Rubanyi, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Cardium Therapeutics. Using Cardium's cardiovascular gene therapy, researchers have quantified significant improvements in cardiac blood flow in treated patients with 3-D visualization scans.

Cover-up at Kai Tak? Allies 'caused Hong Kong plane crash that killed 19 to ...

Everything seemed to be proceeding smoothly as the Dakota transport aircraft, bearing the insignia of the 110 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, took off from Kai Tak airport on the morning of September 25, 1946.

The air-accident investigation report indicates that the aircraft quickly climbed to between 700 feet and 800 feet before the pilots inexplicably lost control of the plane and crashed some 3km from the airfield.

Of the five crew members and 14 passengers aboard the flight bound for Singapore, none survived.

The report concluded that the crash had been caused by turbulence from the surrounding hills, which created a crosswind of as much as 25 knots at 30 degrees to the flight path. It also criticised the pilots for failing to realise the danger posed by the turbulence and terrain ahead.

War veteran Arthur Lane, however, does not believe that explanation. It is far too convenient, he says, that the main British investigator into crimes committed by the Japanese during the second world war was aboard the aircraft. What's more, his probing was building a solid case that could have seen the Japanese emperor held accountable for some of the worst atrocities carried out by his troops in the early decades of the last century.


Chemtech was a chemical firm employing nearly 1,500 people. Since the company
was operating in a sheltered economic environment, the organizational focus for
many years was

I cannot believe I just read this whole thing. I'm confused on what exactly you want to know here. My feeling is the employee told Das to see if it would effect him getting the promotion or getting fired. In which case Vardhan would file a lawsuit

no 1 can b bothered to read that

I cannot believe I just read this whole thing. I'm confused on what exactly you want to know here. My feeling is the employee told Das to see if it would effect him getting the promotion or getting fired. In which case Vardhan would file a lawsuit

what should das do at this moment!?

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utter rubbish...


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