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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Announces Start of 30 Day Weight-Management ...

"I am not in danger of to let osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, two total knee replacements and two spinal fusions quash my abilities," says Teresa, a 59-year-old get from Boulder, Colo. "Weight loss will lessen the impact on my joints and may even

New Program Looks at Successes of Young People in Lockwood

Gust has launched her own business in Boulder, Colorado, Breeze Bars. She has a masters stage in Nutrition and is working to become a Registered Dietitian. She first started making the bars out of her own Nautical galley in Boulder, CO.

Toddlers grow up grumpy without an afternoon nap

Toddlers grow up grumpy without an afternoon nap The set, from the University of Colorado Boulder measured the sleep patterns of toddlers superannuated two to three. Kids wore a special device which measured how much they slept, with their parents also keeping a saw wood log. Study author Professor Monique

Shield Healthcare Announces Caregiver Story Contest Winners

Congratulations to the outstanding prize winners: LaNedra M. of Cerritos, CA, Howard R. of Boulder, CO, Matt G. of Olympia, WA, and the 5 runners-up, Vivian B. of Temecula, CA, Anita C. of Midland, TX, Mary B. of Ypsilanti, MI, Tiffany H. of Monroe,

US Sales of Herbal Supplements Increase by 7.7% in 2016

, Founder and executive director of ABC. "This is indicative of a well-demonstrated, long-term trend toward natural medicine and consumers' interest in taking responsibility for their own health via the responsible use of herbal medicine as an integral part of self-care."

HerbalGram 's market report also details the top-selling and fastest-growing herbal ingredients in US natural retail outlets in 2016. Natural product trends that may help explain some of the largest percentage sales increases for particular herbs are also discussed. The report explores the increasing consumer familiarity with Ayurvedic ingredients, the rise of adaptogenic herbs, shifting preferences toward supplements that support overall wellness, and the growth of herbal products with bitter properties and digestive health benefits.

The report includes a detailed table of the 40 top-selling herbs (as primary ingredients in herbal dietary supplements) in the mainstream channel, and a table of the 40 top-selling botanicals in the natural channel. It also includes a graph and table with total estimated sales of herbal supplements in all channels since 2000 (as determined by NBJ), a table with retail channel definitions, and tables with sales broken down by product type and individual market channels.