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    Femmenessence MacaLife - for hormone balance and peri-menopausal symptoms
    Health and Beauty (6DHT3)


    List Price: $36.99
    Price: $36.99

    • Supports an improved outlook on life and healthy energy levels*
    • Supports the body to help decrease vaginal dryness*
    • Supports the body to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats*
    • Concentrated levels up to 10 times higher than raw maca. Kosher and USDA Organically Certified
    • Every person is different and dosing is critical to the success of this product. Please read the insert in the box and if any issue arises contact

    Femmenessence MacaPause - Hormone balance for women 50, 60, 70 and beyond
    Health and Beauty (Natural Health International)

    Natural Health International

    List Price: $36.99
    Price: $36.99

    • AWARD WINNING: Over the last 18 months the Femmenessence line has won Best Women's Supplement at the largest natural products trade show in the US and won best ingredient at the largest natural product show in Europe and has been endorsed or recognized by some of the top experts in women's health due to its ability to truly balance hormones*
    • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Femmenessence is the first natural product to ever demonstrate in published clinical trials statistically significant effects on hormones in post menopausal women without introducing hormones into your body
    • SAFE, ALL NATURAL, PURE INGREDIENTS: Organic, Kosher and Vegan, Non-GMO, gluten, nut and dairy free. Contains no chemicals, excipients or additives
    • ANTI AGING: Supports mental health, bone health, heart health as well as hair, skin and nails by supporting hormone balance*
    • HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE: In clinical trials 17 out of 20 women within 3 weeks experienced reductions in menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, low libido, dryness, low energy and sleep*

Scientists Isolate Hormone That Triggers Health Benefits Of Exercise

An international set of scientists has isolated a natural hormone or chemical messenger in muscle cells that triggers some of the foremost health benefits of exercise. They have named it "irisin", after the Greek runner goddess, and believe it is

Sculley: Health Tech Needs Usability, Not Flash

In the new outflow of Healthcare, find out how three promising innovations--personalized medicine, clinical analytics, and natural idiom processing--show the trade-offs. Download the issue now. (Free registration required.)

Advancing the Global Health Agenda

Many of these have emerged as a retort to the increasingly complex global challenges defined by rising inequalities, epidemiological and demographic transitions, coupled disease burdens for many countries, unexpected natural disasters,

Study: Slow Global Warming by Cutting Soot, Methane

Study: Slow Global Warming by Cutting Soot, Methane Shindell says that while carbon dioxide emissions must be addressed in the extensive-term, these short-term measures that impact both climate metamorphose and public health are worth taking now. Related Articles Global Warming Could Deferral Next Ice Age Continued

Nancy Knowles, executive at electronics firm and philanthropist, dies ...

She worked for a firm in the mining industry in Cleveland, and then came to the Chicago area in 1974 at the invitation of a cousin, Hugh Knowles, to join the electronics firm he founded.

With no knowledge of the subminiature electronic hearing instrument components manufactured by Knowles Electronics for hearing-aid manufacturers, she started in new product development.

She said in a 2007 interview that she was "surrounded by engineers and physicists … a bunch of men who were stubborn as hell! I had no voice for a long time."

In 1979, she married Hugh Knowles and eventually became vice chairman of the company. After her husband died in 1988, she became chairman, a post she held until the company was sold to a private equity firm in 1999. Since 2005, the Itasca-based business has been part of Dover Corp.

She continued to lead the Knowles Foundation, which supports the arts, education, health, international development, and social services.

Knowles suffered from severe deterioration of her spine going back years, according to her friend and physician, Dr. Mary Ann Malloy. Related health problems and infections made walking extremely difficult, resulting in several long stays at what was then the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago .

APs: What information were you given about the natural parents, their families, health background etc?

After the adoption, and meeting the mother/father (if you did) was the information accurate? In international adoption was the information you were given accurate?

I think it's tough to get everything out of the birthparents, not because they're with-holding information, but maybe because they don't know or just don't care. We are going through a situation in foster care where the parents are never there. They

Mine was not. All the non-id info I received from Catholic Charities was completely different than what my a parents were told, and very little of the info was true. My n mom was very upset that they lied about her non-id info.

As far

I am so glad we have an open adoption, as first dad failed to mention in his health background questionnaire that the men in his family tend towards heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and early death. Because it didn't affect him personally,

I am looking for Health groups, holistic medical groups, natural medicine groups, alternative MD grouips, etc.

I am looking for groups that are for Health, Holistic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Natural Medicine, etc. I am having trouble actually finding groups as opposed to actual practices that are just a few doctors in an office. I am looking

American Institute of Holistic Theology is a distance learning college that has links to many organizations for what you are looking for. check them out. I am studying for my Bachelors of Science in Holistic Health through them. Good stuff

no i don't know of any groups i am a nhc and this is what i do and have studied mabe just start a group? invite responses to join your group? hope this helps Good Luck!