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Trials Underway For 5-Minute iPad Test To Spot Early Signs Of Dementia

A new dementia test is currently being trialed in the United Kingdom with the potential of detecting symptoms of the illness in just five minutes.

The National Health Service has teamed up with London-based medical tech firm Cognetivity Ltd to develop a "quick and easy" test that can identify initial signs of the disease. Patients are shown different images using an iPad and then researchers measure their responses.

While there is no known cure for dementia as of the moment, doctors believe diagnosing the condition early can help them develop effective therapies.

5-Minute iPad Dementia Test

To check symptoms of dementia , doctors have to conduct several tests to measure patients' attention span, concentration, language skills, and memory.

However, the results can sometimes be influenced by the subjects' education level and whether they have already undertaken some testing before.

The new iPad-based test was designed to serve as a single diagnostic for early dementia detection. It makes use of artificial intelligence accurately gauge brain function in sufferers.

What is the point of this?

From Times OnlineDecember 22, 2008

GPs will be trained to spot dementia
Every GP will be trained to spot the early signs of dementia under government plans to improve the quality of life of those with Alzheimer’s disease.

The point of it is to make sure that they all know about dementia

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