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    Ren & Stimpy Animation Art Cel Sericel Limited Edition "All Choked Up" Nickelodeon Seal & COA
    Home (Nickelodeon)


    Price: $75.00

    • Serigraph Cel on a Reproduction Background
    • Created by the Artist of Nickelodeon Studios
    • Nickelodeon Seal & COA 12 Field (10.5" x 12")
    • "All Choked Up" Ren & Stimpy Limited Edition Sericel of 2500
    • Unframed and Unmatted

Dog Honking And Reverse Sneezing: What You Need To Know

An individual episode of reverse honking will likely end on its own after a few seconds or minutes at the most. It’s rarely a cause for alarm. You may, however, want to note the cause of the irritation if you can identify it and steer clear of it in the future. For example, if the cause is a certain kind of perfume, you may want to avoid using it near your dog. If the cause is pulling on the leash, it may be time for some obedience training for calmer on-leash behavior.

Antihistamines can be effective in suppressing reverse sneezing that is caused by allergens. You should consult your veterinarian about your dog’s allergies. You may be prescribed medication, or you can check out some ways to treat allergies naturally .

You can also try massaging your dog’s throat to bring an end to the episode more quickly. This can help stop the spasm. You might also try covering your dog’s nostrils for a quick moment, which will cause them to swallow and potentially clear the irritant from their throat. In the unlikely event that the honking continues, you can try depressing your dog’s tongue to open the mouth and move air to the lungs and through the nostrils.