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Asthma And Allergy Bellingham

BC, local wildfires hurting air quality in Whatcom County

A rating of moderate or unhealthy for sensitive groups means people with asthma or young children, for example, should tone down exercise outdoors — walking instead of running, for example — or limit their time outside.

If it once again becomes very unhealthy, that means everyone should stay indoors.

People who feel unwell should talk to their doctors and close all doors and windows in their house, if they can stand the heat, or leave Whatcom County and head south to the Seattle area to find better air.

If people must be outdoors, they should know that paper masks don’t provide much protection, said Dr. Maryanne Scott, vice president for PeaceHealth Medical Group in the Northwest.

That’s because such masks don’t help once they get damp, which is usually within 20 minutes. And the masks can’t screen out the small particles that are now in the air, according to Scott, whose practice specialty has been pediatric asthma and allergy.

The bad air quality is expected to be a concern for the coming days.