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How Does Washington D.C. Count America's Homeless Vets?

How Does Washington D.C. Count America's Homeless Vets? HUD officials say they are doing the beat they can with the data available. "When you have a $1.5 billion HPRP program and you've put about 30000 VASH vouchers out into the marketplace, everybody is prospering to want to know, does it have an impact?

Homelessness among veterans declines 12 percent in 2011

Yancey Darnell, 51, a US Naval forces veteran, also has a permanent address thanks to the HUD-VASH program. He was homeless for about 18 months after a series of misfortunes. He was a butt of Hurricane Katrina, his wife died and he ran into some legal issues

Why so many more homeless vets in LA?

Despite recent gains in the fight to end veteran homelessness, a sharp rise in the numbers living on the streets of Southern California has prompted veterans and advocates to call for more action and to question whether the problems at the root of the crisis are being adequately confronted.

The number of homeless veterans hit 4,828, a 57 percent increase over the previous year, according to the Jan. 2017 homeless count released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority last month.

That's a strong indication that efforts are not getting to veterans early enough, said Nathan Graeser, a researcher at the Center for Innovation and Research for Military and Veteran Families at USC's School of Social Work.

"We don't have a lot of help for people when they reach out before they are in crisis and before they are homeless," said Graeser.

And though progress has been made in helping some veterans find jobs and getting them mental health care, he said, it should start even before service members leave the military.