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How Does Washington D.C. Count America's Homeless Vets?

How Does Washington D.C. Count America's Homeless Vets? HUD officials say they are doing the beat they can with the data available. "When you have a $1.5 billion HPRP program and you've put about 30000 VASH vouchers out into the marketplace, everybody is prospering to want to know, does it have an impact?

Homelessness among veterans declines 12 percent in 2011

Yancey Darnell, 51, a US Naval forces veteran, also has a permanent address thanks to the HUD-VASH program. He was homeless for about 18 months after a series of misfortunes. He was a butt of Hurricane Katrina, his wife died and he ran into some legal issues

'It's a blessing': VA helps house veterans affected by lava

As thousands of people are left displaced by volcanic activity on the Big Island, the VA is currently on the ground in Puna working to find and provide aid to veterans affected by the eruptions.

One way they're providing aid is through their HUD-VASH supportive housing program.  Its housing vouchers are normally used to help connect chronically homeless veterans with a permanent place to live however the agency recently expanded eligibility to include lava evacuees.

Stipends from other programs have also been used to help at least 83 veterans with hotel stays. 

Jack Deshincoe, an army veteran and resident and lower Puna resident, is just one of many who required assistance after lava took his home.

"The gases chased us out. But then (the lava) came. In one day, it came down the driveway and consumed everything," Deshincoe said. "Property's buried. Not a blade of grass," said Deshincoe. "Under 10 to 15 feet of lava."