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Organic Vegan Seaweed Skincare Brand OSEA Malibu Opens First Store

OSEA, that stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, was inspired by founder Jenefer Palmer’s grandmother who used seaweed she gathered from the ocean to treat ailments. Since its 1996 launch, OSEA has more than quadrupled its non-toxic product offerings. Each product is crafted in the brand’s Ventura lab, where it focuses on curating a harmonious blend of nutrient-dense seaweed concentrates with essential oils and natural, locally sourced ingredients, such as herbs that are cultivated nearby the Zuma Beach headquarters.

Top influencers including Kylie Jenner , Shonda Rhimes, Jessica Biel, and Ozzy Osbourne have raved about the company. It also appeared in Legally Blonde 2, a film addressing the unethical nature of animal testing.

Palmer’s affinity for natural ingredients was inspired while working as a beauty therapist at the Murrieta Hot Springs resort. During her time applying so-called “healthy” products to the skin of clients like

What should I name my natural (organic) hair, skin, body care store.?

I work for an organic store. I would like to open my own Natural hair skin & body care store?

Natural Beauty Deluxe ;D

It would depend on the philosophy behind your choice. Are you aiming for something that uses no animal products? Or ones that do but are certified cruelty free? Did you want it to be a pun on the place in which you are opening the store? Or one that can

It's better to have a skin care online store selling top natural sunblock brands only or it's better to add..?

a wide range of top natural/organic skin care lines?

try this site they sell various branded products for anti aging, anti acne, skin care solutions and many more.