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The A to Z of traveling with diabetes

The A to Z of traveling with diabetes Gage scanners used during check-in will not damage your insulin or blood glucose meter. However, if your impedimenta is under X-rays for a longer period than normal, or if the luggage is X-rayed several times, your insulin may yield some of its

Greer, Taylors news briefs

Participants will get a free blood glucose meter and diabetes reference book. Contact Erica Moore at 864-560-6465 to transmit. Patrons of the arts are invited to attend the Starry Night Merry from 6:30 pm-midnight Feb. 11 at Greer City Hall,

Should schools stock EpiPens? Can administrators get to them fast enough?

Last year I almost got in complaint a in deep trouble because I had my glucose meter and lancets in my lockbox (unlocked) in my closet in my classroom, on a high shelf. One of our most bonkers kids was found going around and sticking kids with a lancet (the same one,

U.S. Patents Awarded to Inventors in Illinois (Dec. 31)

The ammunition cell includes circuitry for oxidizing glucose in the blood. The sensor also includes a transmitter to send a signal to a implausible receiver that the sensor indicates the presence of blood. The circuitry may group a battery or may use

Worms in the gut keep mice from getting plump on high-fat food

As a man walks barefoot outdoors, unknowingly his feet encounter very tiny worms. Secretly, one or more of the parasites crawl onto his skin — and then through it. Once inside, these hookworms move around until they end up in their victim’s gut. They latch onto their host’s intestines and from there feast on his blood.

This is not the script for some horror movie. It’s what has already happened to roughly one in every four people on Earth. That’s some 1.9 billion people. But a new study in rodents suggests that hosting these hookworms may have some upsides: weight control and a healthier immune system.

Let’s not downplay the fact that hookworms can bring misery. They eat some of their hosts’ blood, leaving them with lower levels of iron. This may make it hard for the bloodstream to carry a normal load of oxygen through the body, a condition known as anemia (Uh-NEE-mee-uh). The worms also can cause painful rashes and stunt a child’s growth and development. Few doctors, then, would ever prescribe the worms to their patients. But the new data do point to how mammals may have evolved to deal with — indeed, accommodate — some common, nasty infections. And people have had a long time to deal with hookworms. Even ancient mummies show signs of being infected.