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    BlueSky X USB Cable for Abbott Co-Pilot Freestyle Diabetes Glucose Meters
    PC Accessory (BlueSky)


    List Price: $14.99
    Price: $14.99

    • Works on Mac ONLY with installation of correct driver and third party software ("How to" included in instructions); ONLY works with Carelink data management software on Mac platform
    • This cable is not designed or manufactured by Abbott laboratories
    • This cable does NOT work with Freestyle Auto-Assist, Diasend, or Tconnect
    • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, Windows 98, Android, Linux, Windows ME.NET(4.2 or greater)
    • No driver needed, but data management software necessary; works with Freestyle Co-pilot, Carelink and SiDiary on Windows platform, and ONLY Carelink on Mac

    EZSync USB Data Cable for Lifescan Onetouch Glucose Diabetes Meters: Ultra2, Ultramini, Ultralink and Ultrasmart
    PC Accessory (PURENITETECH)


    List Price: $23.99
    Price: $23.99

    • Plug and Play without driver installation, compatible with Ultra2, UltraMini, UltraLink, and UltraSmart glucose meters. Data management software(Onetouch Reveal) is downloadable from Onetouch website for free
    • This cable is not designed or manufactured by OneTouch. It works with a variety of Diabetes Data Management Software(FREE) to download, manage and report data under Windows and Mac.
    • It works with the latest Onetouch Reveal web app on all OS versions including the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.12. Please download Onetouch Reveal web app from onetouch website for free. It also works with other free third party data management software such as Tconnect or Carelink on both Windows and Mac. NOTE: The legacy Onetouch Diabetes Data Management Software is no longer being distributed from Onetouch website
    • Superior smart controller circuit over-molded inside the USB housing. Super easy driver installation and no driver CD needed, latest driver software always can be downloaded directly from Internet
    • EZSync data cable(5 feet length) designed for a variety of Onetouch glucose meters. Hard over-molded plastic on both ends, cable itself has reinforced stress points, durable but flexible. One year manufacturer warranty, three month no hassle return and full refund

Migliori software 2012 premiati al CES

Migliori software 2012 premiati al CES iOS App for Blood Glucose Meter è destinata a coloro che dispongono di drop anchor per il controllo della glicemia connessi ad iPhone e iPad. Bing for iPad consente agli utenti del gravestone Apple di sfruttare il cosiddetto motore decisionale di Microsoft,

Israeli government dips into digital health with $33M grant

Israel is continuing to carve out its space as a digital health hub in the Middle East. Today the Israeli government announced a $33 million grant aimed at furthering the country's foothold in digital health, specifically in biotech and medicine, according to Reuters . Medtronic, GE Healthcare, and Change Healthcare were named the three recipients of the funding; each company will get a different portion of the total amount. 

The plan is for the government to give the companies their grant money over the course of the next six years as they expand their operations in Israel, Reuters reports. 

“We are pleased to be collaborating with the Israeli Innovation Authority,” Medtronic wrote in an email statement to MobiHealthNews about the funding. “With facilities based in Israel, we have access to some of the best minds and most dedicated professionals in the healthcare industry.”

Israel’s interest in digital health is nothing new. In

Lots of symptoms what could it be? thirsty, headache?

OK, I been SO thirsty and been going to the bathroom ALOT! more then normal I wake up 3 times a night! I have been having bad headaches that affect my neck. Nothing helps the headaches. I have diarrhea after I eat and bad stomach pains. I feel weak, lazy,

Intense thirst and urinating a lot are usually symptoms of Diabetes...But since you already tested it and have some other symptoms too....better get it checked by a physician...

Time to go to the doctor. You need to deal with these symptoms and not fool around.

It sounds like heat exhaustion or dehydration to me but im not a doctor so i dont know. U should go see a doctor