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Healthy and motivated, Dexter McDougle making plays for Jets

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Dexter McDougle knows what people have been saying about him during the last few years, and he refuses to let any of it get to him.

Some label the New York Jets cornerback a disappointment, a guy who can't stay healthy, or even worse: a bust.

McDougle has been written off before by doubters, and he has always bounced back. He's fully prepared to do it again.

"I don't get mad at them," McDougle said after a recent practice. "Everybody has their opinion. They don't really know me and they're not really in the building. The people that know my work and what I do, they know what I bring to the table."

Coming out of Maryland in 2014, McDougle was considered a terrific playmaker and leader. Injuries have plagued him his first three NFL seasons, but he's determined to change all that.

With an impressive training camp and solid performances in the first two preseason games, a noticeably trimmer and stronger McDougle has been one of the Jets' most pleasant surprises this summer. He dropped 14 pounds and 6 percent body fat since last season, working out harder than he ever has and following a strict diet.