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Two of the strongest people in the world live in Myrtle Beach. And they're married

Anthony is from Utica and Eva is from Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada, on the Maine border.

Both left jobs to pursue training and competitions. “We try to inspire people to go after their dreams,” Anthony said. “That’s what we’re trying to do in the fitness world.”

Eva said she gave up a desk job paying $70,000 per year and went back to school to become a trainer and nutritionist.

“Life was just no fun. I’ve been lifting since I was 17,” Eva said. “I really said, ‘You know what, I want to help people do what I love to do.’” She particularly enjoys working with clients who are elderly, have disabilities, need rehabilitation or want to lose weight.

Anthony has a Master’s degree in education and taught for a year before deciding the classroom wasn’t for him. “I realized I wanted to be back in fitness and doing my kind of thing,” he said.

They met essentially in passing at a powerlifting competition in Albany, N.Y., where they were both attempting world records and both performed poorly. “We both bombed out. It was the worst meet we both ever had,” Eva said. “And he contacted me through social media and kept in contact for a couple years.”