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Glucose Meter For Cats

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    AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit
    Pet Products (Abbott Laboratories)

    Abbott Laboratories

    List Price: $53.50
    Price: $48.47
    You Save: $5.03 (9%)

    • Two user's guides
    • AlphaTRAK 2 meter and (25) test strips
    • For questions on how to use the product, please go to: cts/dogs/alphatrakmeter/alphat rak-pet-owners.aspx
    • Carrying case
    • Lancing device and (30) lancets

    Advocate Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Dogs/Cats PT-100
    Pet Products (Rufas & Coco (Quest Products))

    Rufas & Coco (Quest Products)

    List Price: $18.96
    Price: $18.96

    • Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3µL)
    • One-Button Switch Between Dogs & Cats
    • Calibrated for Dogs and Cats
    • Test Results in Five (5) Seconds
    • Extremely Easy to Use - No Coding Required - Accurate & Precise Results

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Keep calm and measure cats' blood pressure -

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), the veterinary division of International Cat Care, is highlighting some broadly similar concerns in our feline companions. Hypertension is a well-recognised condition in older cats , yet probably remains significantly underdiagnosed. The consequences can be severe, with target organ damage typically affecting the eyes, heart, brain and kidneys. Some damage, such as blindness resulting from complete retinal detachment, is irreversible. Other damage, however, is more amenable to antihypertensive treatment, highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. However, this presents challenges, particularly as routine blood pressure monitoring is generally performed infrequently in cats. Furthermore, cats are notoriously susceptible to stress in the veterinary clinic, which can lead to 'white coat hypertension' and hamper interpretation of results.

To guide veterinary practitioners in the clinical management of hypertension

Question about diabetes and cats?

my cat is diabetic and i need to be able to test her blood sugar at home with a glucose meter. i've tried using the lancets to draw the blood, but with her fur and tough skin i can't get enough blood to test it. is it safe to use one of the syringes for

No, please don't use the needles to hometest your cat. That would be dangerous to her.

What kind of glucometer are you using? Maybe try getting one that needs only a very small amount of blood.

I use the Freestyle glucometer

Why not ask your vet for the best way.

Pass on using the needles to draw blood. If you took a look at the needle under a microscope, you would see how dull and scarred it gets even after one use. That and any chance to get an air bubble...

Do I Put My Cat To Sleep?

My 8 year cat was just diagnosed with diabetes. It's completely treatable. But it requires a lot more money than I can afford to visits, insulin, glucose meters ect....I don't even pay for health insurance for myself. Treatment initially

You can get a free glucose meter here, just put yourself in as 'caretaker' or 'other' and don't say it's for a cat --

_OneTouch Meters -- Simple Start Diabetes DVD Offer_

My mom put down my cat who i really felt a bond with because she might've had cancer. We didn't want to buy an expensive surgery so we did what we had to. So I guess it's really up to you.

Where I live there are a couple of clinics that provide vet services for low income people for free. You should look to see if something like this exists where you reside. Perhaps then you can take care of your cat and keep him/her. Putting down your