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Port's Dr Eddie transforming lives

Port's Dr Eddie transforming lives He has a two-dimensional private practice, and also works for the HSE in the Carlow Kilkenny area. Helping the participants to realize their goals in the TV programme is a welcome change from his day to day work, he finds. “You construct a strong connection,

Gaelscoil Osraí leading the way in healthy eating for children

Parents and staff of Gaelscoil Osrai enjoyed a well attended and positive evening on Thursday, when Professor Donal O' Shea and Dietician Ellen Roche spoke about healthy eating.

The evening was part of a week-long focus on healthy eating and wellness in the school and parents were given an opportunity to hear from two of the best speakers in the country on the topic of 'Nourishing our Children' — focusing on the importance of and practical ways of ensuring children get the very best chance of learning to eat and drink in a healthy way.

While there are about 15 schools in Kilkenny taking part in the Healthy Promoting School programme at the moment, Gaelscoil Osrai was the first school in Kilkenny, and the first Gaelscoil in the south-east, to be recognised as a Health Promoting School. The school worked under the guidance of the HSE's Joan Murphy, who is the National Healthy Schools Co-ordinator and also a parent in the school. The programme is based on a whole school approach, with heavy emphasis on consultation with everyone in the school community, to establish areas around health promotion that need attention.