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Port's Dr Eddie transforming lives

Port's Dr Eddie transforming lives He has a two-dimensional private practice, and also works for the HSE in the Carlow Kilkenny area. Helping the participants to realize their goals in the TV programme is a welcome change from his day to day work, he finds. “You construct a strong connection,

'It can be an emotional time, but remember: You are not failing', dietitian believes breast is best

Dietitian Aoife Hearne is at the 32-week stage of pregnancy. The early days and weeks of a newborn are her favourite — and that includes breastfeeding.

I’ve hit the 32-week mark and it’s now single figures in the countdown to D-day. Yikes!

I kept a pregnancy vlog during my first pregnancy — it’s a little embarrassing looking back at it now. But re-watching it reminds me how daunting pregnancy, especially the first time around, can be.

I had so many hopes and dreams — just like any mother-to-be. A vaginal birth and breastfeeding were top of my priority list.

My first delivery didn’t go to plan — a story for another day — but maybe because of that, breastfeeding became even more important to me. I suppose being a dietitian, it’s no surprise because back then feeding was only about nutrition. But I was actually really scared I wouldn’t like the sensation of breastfeeding.

It wasn’t until I took a breastfeeding preparation class that I really understood how breastfeeding works and how it is about so much more than just nutrition.