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    New!! Compactly Designed PU Leather Pad Travel Massage Tattoo Spa Foldable w/ Carrying Bag #035
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    List Price: $149.90
    Price: $149.90

    • Tool-Free Assembly Foldable Flat For Storage And Durable Power-Coated Aluminum Chair Frame
    • 2" Pad Massage Chair / 2" Thick High Density Small-Cell Foam Padding
    • Adjustable Ultra Soft Face Cradle, Chest Pad, Arm Rest And Seat Versatile For Changing Positions And Body Types
    • Dimension:30" X 19" X 45"(LXWXH), Adjustable Height: From 43" To 47", Weight:20 Lbs, Weight Capacity: Up To 350 Lbs
    • Compactly Designed Portable Massage Chair Which Is Compactly Designed And Easy To Set Up To Use. With Its Adjustable Head Support,Arm Rest,Chest Pad And Seat,

    Sports Medicine Tennis Elbow Forearm Support Brace Pack Gel Pad Golf Strap
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    List Price: $23.66
    Price: $23.66

    • Product Description : Mueller® Tennis Elbow Support with Gel Pad helps relieve tennis elbow pain by applying targeted compression. Its adjustable strap gives you a custom it. Antimicrobial treatment helps reduce odor causing bacteria. Recommended for any activity involving a strong grip or strain on the forearm and elbow.
    • Item Details : The Gel Pad is Designed to Target Pressure and Help Relieve Pain and Soreness in the Forearm and Elbow. Soft, Breathable Fabrics and an Adjustable Strap give you a Custom, Comfortable Fit. Antimicrobial Treatment Helps Reduce Odor Casuing Bacteria. Recommended for Any Activity Involving a Strong Grip or Strain on the Forearm and Elbow

Hospital Based Massage Therapy: A Call for Competencies



Hospital Based Massage Therapy: A Call for Competencies

By MK Brennan R.N., M.S., L.M.B.T.; Dale Healey, D.C., Ph.D.; Carolyn Tague, M.A., C.M.T.; Beth Rosenthal, M.P.H., M.B.A., Ph.D.



An increasing percentage of hospitals are offering massage therapy to their patients. Massage therapy is the top CAM service provided on an outpatient basis.

The ACIH’s HBMT Task Force was formed to explore the need for a set of standard competencies for the practice of massage therapy in hospital environments, given that no such resource exists. A standard set of competencies will be useful to hospitals, massage therapy schools and massage therapists themselves.

The task force designed a survey that was distributed to a convenience sample of hospitals to assess various elements of their massage therapy programs.

Thirty-two out of 37 hospitals that received the survey completed it, resulting in an 87 percent response rate. With recognition of a small convenience sample, we believe the high response rate and the extent to which respondents provided in-depth information to the open-ended questions indicates interest in and a recognized need for HBMT competencies.