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Biz Buzz for Jan. 16, 2012

At from Grand Rapids, Shaner graduated from Michigan Technological University in Houghton with a bachelor's extent in mechanical engineering. His experience includes project management with Curwood Inc. of Oshkosh, Wis.

Did Paula Deen's egg bacon donut burger cause her diabetes? Go easy on the ...

Did Paula Deen's egg bacon donut burger cause her diabetes? Go easy on the ... By Terri Finch Hamilton | The Grand Rapids Stress a newspapers AP PhotoCo-host Al Roker speaks to celebrity chef and TV somebody Paula Deen about her diabetes on the "Today" show Tuesday. Could it be the bacon, egg and glazed donut burgers, y'all?

GRAAHI launches 'groundbreaking' program to reduce racial disparity in healthcare

Wilson sites studies that show the social impact of a lack of diversity in healthcare employment. She said, "White workers represent the majority component of all 30 health occupations studied, representing over 50 percent of workers in almost every occupation.

"Whites are overrepresented in 23 of 30 occupations. Blacks are underrepresented in all occupations except among dietitians and nutritionists and respiratory therapists. Hispanics are significantly underrepresented in all of the occupations in Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners occupations."

She said the potential for the pathways program to socially impactful and far-reaching is enormous.

"The students there are absolutely wonderful. We've had a chance to work with some of the students. The students get you excited about the work. We know they have all the potential in the world to make all the changes we need to see and hear in our community. And, one of our goals is not only to get these students to a place where they get these careers but get them to stay in West Michigan. We know that is absolutely essential to turning around the health and health care outcomes we see in our city," said Wilson.