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    Outpatient Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Guide for Therapists, Dietitians, and Physicians
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Study: Fad Dieting In Teens Has Reverse Effect

The University of Minnesota followed mesial school and high schoolers for ten years. They found that those who tried the "get fit petulant" method of dropping pounds actually did more harm then A-OK. Read the study here Alex Jones hasn't had the

Road Warriors: Watch Those Meal$ on the Go

Road Warriors: Watch Those Meal$ on the Go “I value the big thing is, people need to bring snacks with them wherever they go,” says dietician Jim Oyster-white of Virginia Beach, Va., spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It's always notable to have snacks between meals.

How to survive a Minnesota winter

Keep your substance in check by starting the day with protein and fiber, advised Christina Meyer-Jax, a registered dietitian who teaches about nutrition at the University of St. Thomas. "We do not requisite simple carbohydrates for breakfast," she said.

Minnesota News Briefs: Two Mayo Clinic doctors killed in helicopter crash

Mayo Clinic dietitian Diane Dressel says "it's purposes easy to gain a pound, two pounds of body fat throughout an evening." Dressel says fetching a walk or just moving around in the party room is far better than eating and then sitting.

It's not a race: 4 tips for mindful eating at the fair

"If you notice, if you're mindful, you'll be able to say, 'That's satisfying, I don't have to finish the whole portion,' " Troup says.

3) Sit down and slow down

You're (probably) not in a State Fair eating contest, so take it easy. Take the time to truly enjoy — or at least experience — whatever it is you're eating by sitting down to eat, looking at your food and even smelling it. It'll add to the experience, Troup says.

"If we do realize it's not the last supper, it's not the last State Fair experience that I will have, I'm more likely going to experience the foods that I like and be curious about them," she said. "And then next year, I can come again and try different food."

Slowing down will also give you the chance to assess whether you're actually still hungry or whether you're full (or at least reasonably satisfied).

4) Sprinkle in some healthy food, too

Just because the State Fair has an abundance of deep-fried food doesn't mean that's all you have to eat, Troup says. Remember that there are plenty of healthy options throughout the fairgrounds, too. Mix some of that healthier fare into your snacking for a more balanced approach.