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Dietitian In Madison Wi

Is Genetic Engineering Kosher?

I am studying nutrition sciences (dietetics) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have a bachelors in sociology from UC Davis, and I am interested in the sociological aspects of people's lives, particularly food and culture.

To-do list: Jan. 4-14

Well-being LECTURE, 4 to 5 pm "Disordered Eating and Self-Outrage" with Jody Jessup, registered dietitian and licensed psychotherapist; part of the Community Salubriousness Information Program (CHIP); first of three sessions on the theme "Recognizing Dodgy Youth

Pork producer spreads message of industry importance through Operation Main Street

Mike Wehler of Upland Prairie Farms in Bare is adding the tally of educated consumers through Operation Main Byway someone's cup of tea in Wisconsin. Most recently, he shared his direct experiences to the Madison Area Rotary Belabor. As a past Wisconsin Pork Association

Doings calendar for Jan. 12

Clarendon Hills dweller Kelly Sierra, a registered dietitian is the instructor. A cooking demonstration and subsistence sampling will be included in the $55 resident ($70 nonresident) fee. The Clarendon Hills Greens District will present an adult Flow Yoga

College and University Spotlight: 6 Steal-Worthy Campus Dining Moves

Keeping up with the changing needs and increasingly complex demands of their constituents is a constant and invigorating challenge for most college and university dining directors today.

After all, almost nothing about campus dining remains the same as a decade ago. And with the segment having fully embraced its role as a powerful and innovative game changer, there’s almost nothing that progressive campus foodservice leaders won’t try to make their programs more appealing, engaging, efficient, relevant, healthful or sustainable. Here’s a cheat sheet on a few of the bright ideas and smart moves being made by campus dining programs across the country. They range from hot new culinary offerings to student engagement initiatives, security measures, food-education events, plant-based platforms and popular pop-ups. And all were new arrivals to their respective campuses within the past year and a half. Stealing good ideas is allowed, so go ahead — have a look over their shoulders.