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Is Genetic Engineering Kosher?

I am studying nutrition sciences (dietetics) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have a bachelors in sociology from UC Davis, and I am interested in the sociological aspects of people's lives, particularly food and culture.

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Well-being LECTURE, 4 to 5 pm "Disordered Eating and Self-Outrage" with Jody Jessup, registered dietitian and licensed psychotherapist; part of the Community Salubriousness Information Program (CHIP); first of three sessions on the theme "Recognizing Dodgy Youth

Pork producer spreads message of industry importance through Operation Main Street

Mike Wehler of Upland Prairie Farms in Bare is adding the tally of educated consumers through Operation Main Byway someone's cup of tea in Wisconsin. Most recently, he shared his direct experiences to the Madison Area Rotary Belabor. As a past Wisconsin Pork Association

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Clarendon Hills dweller Kelly Sierra, a registered dietitian is the instructor. A cooking demonstration and subsistence sampling will be included in the $55 resident ($70 nonresident) fee. The Clarendon Hills Greens District will present an adult Flow Yoga

Trendy plant based diet comes dietitian approved

MADISON (WKOW) -- Different than being a vegetarian because you can eat meat and different than being a vegan because you can eat animal products, the plant based diet is growing in popularity, and dietitians are giving it the green light.  

The diet is simple.  Chef Julie Andrews RD at UW Health at the American Center explains three-quarters of your plate should be compromised of items that are grown like vegetables, fruit, beans, grain and legumes.  "[Those foods] have lots of vitamins and minerals and a ton of fiber," says Andrews.  "In the typical diet, we don't get enough fiber, so it kind of helps you boot those really important nutrients."

Even though the plant based diet is seen by some as trendy, Andrews says it's different than other fad diets because it's backed by research.  "Eating more plants can really help with your overall health," says Andrews.  

There is one catch though.  Andrews says while the plant based diet is a healthy lifestyle, talk to a doctor or dietitian if you're looking to lose weight on it.  "It's not necessarily a prescribed weight loss diet, but people can certainly lose weight on a diet like this if it's planned properly," she says, adding with weight loss you also have to take into consideration calorie count and activity levels.