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QOF reform will scrap indicators and introduce quality improvement domain

From April 2019, 28 ‘low value’ indicators worth 175 points in total will be retired, including annual cholesterol check for diabetes, dementia bloods, annual FEV1, osteoporosis and peripheral artery disease indicators.

Some 101 points will be recycled into 15 'more clinically appropriate indicators, some of which are modifications of existing indicators', the GPC said. The remaining 74 points will cover a new quality improvement domain, made up of two modules each worth 37 points. The overall number of points available will remain the same.

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Blood pressure control targets will change so that they align with NICE guidance. Meanwhile new indicators will cover reducing iatrogenic harm and improving outcomes in diabetes care; supporting age-appropriate cervical screening; offering pulmonary rehabilitation (where available) for patients with COPD' and a focus on weight management for patients with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and other psychoses.