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Osteoporosis Qof

How we added nearly £20k in QOF income

The problem

I thought we were good with data – I spent 18 years in the IT industry so I know about data quality, and our QOF prevalence was fairly good. However, we could always do better, so we decided to have a company conduct a QOF health check.

What we did

We are the largest practice in Suffolk, with 23,000 patients, five surgeries in a single practice, seven partners, seven salaried GPs and many other clinical and non-clinical staff, so we booked the company for two days instead of the usual one. This cost £3,600: £3,000 for the health check and £600 for the second day.

The first stage of the process was for the consultancy to go through our patient list with its algorithm to identify patients not already coded whom we could add to our QOF registers and boost prevalence scores.

At the end of this we had a 160-page report, and someone from the consultancy came to our surgery for two days to go through it with us.