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Doctor titles: What's the difference?

Doctor titles: What's the difference? The terms nutritionist and registered dietitian are often incorrectly tempered to interchangeably. A certified nutrition specialist (CNS) is … a nutrition practitioner or a woman who uses nutrition therapy to address health needs, according to clinical

Groceries hire companies to score foods' nutritional value

Groceries hire companies to score foods' nutritional value The throng, she said, also has begun staffing its stores with dietitians to help consumers tolerate NuVal, and to help with other dietary concerns. A growing number of grocers are signing up to have the foods they convinced evaluated and ranked for

Doings calendar for Jan. 12

Clarendon Hills dwelling Kelly Sierra, a registered dietitian is the instructor. A cooking demonstration and aliment sampling will be included in the $55 resident ($70 nonresident) fee. The Clarendon Hills Greensward District will present an adult Flow Yoga

Panel calls for eliminating 4 state boards

It also recommends poignant the Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators to the Indiana Style Department of Health, and modifying the State Board of Registration for Masterly Engineers by reducing licensing fees and eliminating the

Finding Reliable Nutrition Information

Finding Reliable Nutrition Information

If my friend mentions to me that she has a tooth ache, I would recommend that she make an appointment with a dentist. When my sister says that her back has been feeling tight, see sees her chiropractor, not me, to reset it. When my dad needed a knee replacement, his surgery was performed by an orthopedic surgeon, not his fellow neighbor that had a knee replacement a few years back. If you wake up one morning and decide to dramatically change the color and cut of your hair, you would probably see a licensed beautician instead of heading for the scissor drawer.

These examples sound obvious and ridiculous, but for some reason, when it comes to health and wellness advice, we begin to perceive others that have lost weight or look fit as experts. If our friend, family member, or neighbor loses 20 pounds, we get all excited and just HAVE to know what diet he or she is doing. If a chiropractor, dentist, or other health professional were to have a dietary recommendation, then sign us up! They are professionals, right?  Unfortunately, just as if you were to get your back reset by someone other than a chiropractor, receiving nutrition advice from unqualified individuals can result in adverse health outcomes.

Does Illinois require licensure to become a registered dietitian?

Should be able to find that info at the government website under "licensure" or something similar.