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Massage Therapists sex assault complaints hidden from public

A 7News investigation has revealed there is no way for clients to know if their massage therapist is under investigation for sexual assault by the state licensing board, until there is action taken against their license.

Labor Licensing and Regulation is in charge of the 4,800 massage therapists in South Carolina. The Massage and Bodyworks panel is in charge of everything from approving licenses to handing down discipline when needed.  LLR investigates on average 30 complaints a year regarding massage therapists, some of which are sexual assault complaints.

A 7News investigation reviewed 8 cases where massage therapists had received a board disciplinary action. That investigation revealed that although the therapists had been under police investigation, it was never the law enforcement agency that alerted LLR about the allegations. Law Enforcement is not required to report to LLR any reports, investigations, or arrests.

7News took that LLR policy to the Julie Valentine Center, who helps sexual assault victims, even they were not aware that police were not mandated to report investigations or allegations.