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I helped write the manual for diagnosing mental illness — here's why Donald Trump doesn't meet the criteria

Diagnosing President Donald Trump’s alleged mental disorder has become a popular pastime,  not just among mental health professionals but also among politicians, journalists, pundits, comedians, and ordinary people gathered at coffee breaks. Trump’s consistently bizarre sayings and doings have  triggered a bill  to establish a commission “on presidential capacity” and a suggestion that the president be removed from office  via the 25th Amendment  on the grounds that he is mentally unfit to be president.

A  recent Time poll  indicates that many Americans think that Trump is unfit for office. I also believe we made a terrible mistake electing him. But Trump’s disagreeable traits in no way indicate that he is mentally ill. Instead, they reveal him to be the ruthless self-promoter he has always been, now poorly cloaked in fake populist clothing.

Before I go any further, you should know that I am a lifelong political in-activist, shamefully missing in action from the tumultuous political events of the last 50 years. It took the travesty of a Trump presidency to get me fully engaged.