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    Elderly Smart Watch Dynamic Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring SOS Distress Alarm Waterproof Positioning Electronic Fence (Color : Gold)
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    List Price: $186.76
    Price: $186.76

    • 2: support call function, replaceable NANO SIM card, heart rate measurement, support for Bluetooth external sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, etc.
    • 1: Support GPS + Beidou + LBS + WIFI + G-SENSOR five positioning, support for voice broadcast, call broadcast, phone book broadcast and menu voice broadcast.
    • 4: Supports trajectory positioning, supports SOS one-touch help, and sends information to the platform management system (pop-up prompt box), and automatically dial emergency contacts.
    • 3: There are pedometers, support for sleep, sedentary reminders and health pedometer management, medication to drink water to remind, support for family circle voice chat, support for shaking and making friends.
    • 5: Built-in polymer rechargeable battery 450mah. Realize 4 days of use. Support magnetic charge, with IPS high-definition screen, support capacitive touch screen, 1 side button.

Study: TB vaccine helps treat Type 1 diabetes

The experimental treatment, bacillus Calmette-Guerin, works by eliminating tissue-attacking cells and increasing production of T cells, which can prevent harmful autoimmune reaction, according to a paper published yesterday in the journal npj Vaccines.

The sample size was small, but the results were big. Three diabetes sufferers received two doses of the BCG vaccine starting in 2007. Six more patients were given the vaccine up to five years ago following promising signs of effectiveness, and 111 more were given the treatment recently.

Those who received the treatment saw a drop in hemoglobin A1c from an average of 7.26 to 6.18 — just above the normal levels, which are generally below 6.

Diabetes Type 1 is difficult to manage with insulin, which is the only available treatment. Most patients wear an insulin pump on one side and a glucose monitor on the other. But if too much insulin is administered, it can be deadly.

“Insulin is not a smart drug,” Faustman said. “Once you give someone more and more insulin it just keeps lowering blood sugar, and you could die.”