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Feeling Down? How to Remain Positive as a Massage Therapist

Where is Massage Headed?

I have been involved in massage directly for more than 40 years, and, in a greater sense, for my whole life—because touch has meant the world to me.

I think I’m like you. My life is in most respects dedicated to what we learn from touch, from massage and from massage education. Yours too, I expect.

Touch is an undercurrent, a deep, nourishing fact that has affected all of us to our very core.

I write this because I care so deeply about the destiny of massage. Where are we headed? How can we optimize the realm of massage therapy?

I believe massage therapists work in three areas:

Dis-ease . Physical or otherwise, dis-ease is often clients’ excuse to get a massage; to feel better, to help with physical injuries, pain, excess tension, confusion, stress or being beside oneself. Dis-ease treatment is an important part of what we do.

Dis-position . This term refers to misalignment, and persistence of dysfunctional habits, in movement, emotion and mind. This can include massage and bodywork helping to recalibrate the set-point of the autonomic nervous system, or somatic education.