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Childhood Obesity Nhanes

Sugar obsession in America!

The taste size consisted of 5985 US children, and data was compiled from a 24-hour dietary retract interview in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Carbonated give way drinks comprised 8.5% of total fluid consumption.

National snapshot of childhood obesity


A number of current data sources offer “specific and distinct information about the state of obesity,” but they have various characteristics and are limited in their comparability, notes the NASEM report. It recommends that leaders from the obesity field be convened to standardize data collection and reporting for the national, state, and local levels.

Experts say keep the discussion going

Meantime, a recently released summary of a 2015 NASEM workshop lays out some of the current discussion about childhood obesity.

For example, Julie Mennella, PhD, a member at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told the session that dietary patterns, such as eating fruits and vegetables, are set before age 2 years. On the other hand, there are opportune moments, including a birth of a child, when people can be motivated to change eating habits.

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Childhood obesity and poverty Child poverty in the US Explain the contradiction of these stats?

On Sept. 16, the Census Bureau released its 2009 poverty data revealing that more than one in five children in America lived in poverty last year. child-poverty-has-ramifications-for-nati ons-future-growth-prosperity

I live in a high poverty area. In fact the New York times wrote up my area as being the poorest in America a couple of years ago. Two weeks ago I was at the local convenience store. It was 1 am, school night, but a young black boy, maybe 8 years old

By reading what you've written I see no reason to assume that the two groups are the same, I'm not sure why someone would assume they were.

If someone were to say that 20% of women are lawyers and that 20% of women are wealthy, would you

You can correlate obesity with povert easily. Processed foods tend to be cheaper than buying healthier ingredients and making home cooked food. Foods like hamberger helper, and others tend to be high in salt, fat and carb content than making the food

IYO - is this a case of the government taking away more personal freedoms or protecting our children?

So I was just reading an article about a mother in SC who was arrested in June and charged with criminal neglect for allowing her 14 year old son to become 555 lbs. The boy has been put in foster care and the case is pending.

"Personally I do feel that it is a form of child neglect but is it the place for the government to step in as they do in cases of physical abuse?"

It IS physical abuse. Feeding your kid till he weighs 555 pounds and cannot get

my problem is that this pig was raised on welfare $$$.

I agree it's a tricky issue but I have to side with the idea that in this particular case, the child was essentially being abused, just as if he had been beaten, and needed to be taken away from the mother.

I need to point out that the