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    MediWhite 22% Carbamide Peroxide Economy Teeth Whitening Kit (8 Syringes), the professional DIY teeth bleach remedies at home.
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    • Upper & Lower thermoform trays included
    • Whitens deep staining from dark liquids & antibiotic use.
    • Teeth whitening treatment kit with 38% Carbmide Peroxide, Safe and effective prefessional results
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    Colgate Optic White Whitening Toothpaste, Sparkling Mint, 5 Ounce, 3 Count
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    • A Whitening Toothpaste for Whiter Teeth in 1 Week
    • Fluoride Formula for Daily Anticavity Protection. Enamel Safe
    • Removes Intrinsic Teeth Stains Ordinary Toothpastes Don't
    • Strengthens Teeth and Safe on Tooth Enamel; Paraben-free
    • Removes Surface Stains and Whitens Teeth More than 3 Shades

Tips to keep your smile dazzling

But whitening products aren't ideal. Many users experience tooth and gum sensitivity and gum irritation, and prolonged use can hurt tooth enamel. At-home remedies don't provide a better alternative. Brushing with baking soda can off resins and

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Toothache: Top 10 Reasons Your Tooth Is Paining

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6. Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a common reason of tooth ache. It can causes pain in tooth, jaw, neck and related muscle pain. People grind teeth usually while sleeping or in times when they are going through stressful situations. Excessive cases of teeth grinding involve violent clenching of jaw and grinding top and bottom of teeth back and forth against each other. Teeth grinding can cause sore jaw bones, headaches, sore joints and cracked or chipped teeth.

7. Temperature sensitivity

This is a condition in which you feel pain or extreme sensitivity on eating drinking hot or cold foods. This means that your tooth enamel has worn down and dentin has been exposed. Teeth whitening can result in tooth sensitivity. Temperature sensitivity can also cause tooth ache. You can opt for using toothpastes meant for sensitive teeth.

8. Improper brushing

Some good teeth whitening home remedies that work fast?

I have recently found that i cannot use the normal mouthwash and the type that says whitening anywhere on it because an ingredient in it causes my throat to swell. So i was wondering if there are any teeth whitening remedies that i can use or homemade

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You'll get a white and bright smile just in 1-2 days and it'll last for 6 months or longer. And it's easy, fast and safe

I use sandpaper and can of compressed air.
The lil tooth stubs are pretty white. Works for me.

I use peroxide. Use a small amount and leave in for up to 1 min. It does a great job and it cost so little

What are the home teeth whitening remedies that are bad for you?

i've read of many kinds of home remedies for teeth whitening before.. and remembered that some are just plain bad for your teeth! does anyone know what i'm talking about?

maybe it was along the lines of.. lemons.. strawberries.. baking

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You'll get a white and bright smile just in 1-2 days and it'll last for 6 months or longer.

Ive heard sulphuric acid is good, or mercury.

Is baking soda really bad? I use it everyday. . .