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asthma relief home remedies

Diet diary: Try these simple home remedies to fight the flu

Homes can help address minor complaints.

Some of these are traditional antidotes, others include nutritional and herbal supplements. Few have also been supported by scientific evidence. It seems everyone has their own special secret home remedy. Common home remedies for the cold include:

Kahdha: Grandmother’s recipe to cure cold and cough is a herbal mix of spices including cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger, desi ghee and basil.

Honey with some spices: Honey is known to possess anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties. Manuka honey, a special honey that comes from New Zealand, has been used in upper respiratory infections including chronic sinusitis, rhinitis and allergic symptoms.

Honey and black pepper: Black pepper is known to have a healing and drying effect. It stimulates circulations and warms the body, particularly hands and feet, dispels toxins and improves sinus congestion. It can also be added to tea.

home remedies for asthma - fast relief?

I am looking for some home remedies for asthma for quick relief - open airway. I have those spray inhaler (pro-AIR), it works okay, but almost running out and I don't want to go to doctor. I want to know if you know or try any home remedies.

I've had asthma for 17 years and I can tell you there are no quick fixes. But after a while you can learn to control your breathing and it will go away in about 30 minutes. If there were quick fixes why would the sell inhalers?

Try the video in this web page. It works for me!
It is called the Buteyko Breathing Technique -techniques

my daughter has asthma - are there any at home tricks besides meds that can provide relief?

tips and suggestions on asthma attacks - at home remedies - symptom relief - homeopathic - uncontrollable coughing

what is the difference between natural medications and allopathic medications? The safety and effectiveness of the allopathic medications have been researched and tested and verified.

Asthma is a serious life effecting and potentially

I would NEVER suggest anything in place of medication for asthma. I suffer from this disease and the inability to breath has sent me to the hospital more times then I would like to talk about...and that is with lots of medications. However, I have found

The most discomfort is caused by not being able to breathe OUT enough.

Have her practice breathing in through her nose only and really focus on getting all the air out through her mouth. If you make it like a game...counting the number