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    Eser Non-Invasive Prickless Bloodless Glucose Meter Blood Sugar Test No Strip No Needles
    Sports (Eser)


    List Price: $999.00
    Price: $999.00

    • ❤ Simple to use: Downlowd an APP, pair your phone and the mathine, insert one finger into the slot for one minute. About APP, Please search vigori diary 4 on google APP store or itune
    • ❤ Pain-free: Eser glucose meter test without needles and strip, No pain, No blood
    • ❤ Accuracy: 88.4% high accuracy vs Automatic Biochemical Anlyzer blood glucose self-calibration implement, accuracy upto 90%
    • ❤ NOTE: Not For People With Glucose Levels That Normally Rise Above 200 mg/dL. This device is not intended to be a diagnostic device. Contact your physician if hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia are indicated. Before you buy, please read the user manual carefully: id=1VZMwXW32bPCLByL7P7U1EIyh19 QS8TeE
    • ❤ Compact and Portable: Compact size, easy to carry, 4.0 bluetooth design-in, rechargeable battery, provide data storage after measurement for data tracking and analysis

    Glucose Wizard Bloodless Painless Glucose Monitor No Pricking Glucose Meter
    Health and Beauty (Wizard Research Laboratories)

    Wizard Research Laboratories

    List Price: $1,149.99
    Price: $1,149.99

    • NO PRICKING: No lancets !
    • NO BLOOD: Completely blood free !
    • PORTABLE RECHARGEABLE: Weighs 4 Ounces !

New Glucose Monitors Taking The Pain, Unpredictability Out Of Diabetes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, have been around for some years.

The devices were bulky to wear, had to be calibrated often and had limited ability to track and report blood sugars, reports CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez.

Now a new generation CGM is so good, many doctors say every diabetic should be using it.

Keeping blood sugar within a narrow range is critical to avoid the long term complications of diabetes: blindness, kidney damage, heart attacks, strokes and amputations.

For years that meant finger sticks to check blood sugar, a dozen or more times a day.

“You’ve got to pull out a whole bunch of stuff and the fingersticks hurt, they hurt more than injections, you know, for people,” said Dr. Carol Levy of the Mount Sinai Diabetes Center.

Even worse than the pain and inconvenience is that finger sticks only give a snapshot of blood sugar at that instant in time.

“I never knew if it was going up or down or if it was staying stable,” said diabetic patient Lance Bergstein.