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    1907 Wall Map: St.Louis city & county: prepared for City Plan Report of Civic League showing proposed improvements |Ready to Frame|Historic Antique Vintage Reprint Missouri|Saint Louis
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    • 1907 map of St. Louis city & county : prepared for City Plan Report of The Civic League showing proposed improvements of Saint Louis city and county Shows existing and proposed parks and reservations; also, main travelled roads and proposed parkways and boulevards. Oriented with north to the right. In lower margin: This was prepared in 1907 ... The Civic League of St. Louis.Locations: Missouri|Saint Louis
    • Map Size: 20" x 30" |Ready to Frame (or to hang on wall as a high quality poster)

Scat, Cat Fat

Scat, Cat Fat Dottie Laflamme, DVM, a veterinary nutritionist with Nestlé Purina in St. Louis, says that studies of cats presented to select care veterinary practices have suggested that as many as one in three adult cats are overweight or abdominous,

Tips for creating healthy lifestyle changes

Dr. Abby Hollander, port side, is a pediatric endocrinologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital and a professor of pediatrics at Washington University Private school of Medicine, and Julie Cappelletti, right, is a dietitian in pediatric endocrinology at St. Louis

Brookside grad gets third try at Olympic marathon trials

Brookside grad gets third try at Olympic marathon trials In 2004, Rittenhouse finished 40th out of 107 runners at the Olympic Trials in St. Louis with a beforehand of 2:45:55. Four years ago she was 100th out of 124 in Boston with a time of 2:50:17. Rittenhouse earned her quandary this time around by turning in a

It's time to 'Lighten Up' again!

Back by commonplace demand, the St. Louis Jewish Light and the Jewish Community Center are once again teaming up to make noticeable you the most dynamic and creative way to get in shape for 2012. The Second Annual "Brighten Up" Challenge will be underway soon,

Need dietitian services in St. Louis, MO BUT needs to be covered by insurance.?

I am a candidate for bariatric surgery; however, my insurance requires that I do a 26 week medically supervised diet and exercise program. My primary care physician gave me a dietitian referral. I've looked in the phone book and searched the internet

Call your insurance company, they will be able to help you find a nutritionist and answer all of your questions. This way you will know that everything will be covered and nothing will be out of pocket. Good luck