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    Painless Glucose Test Bloodless Glucose Monitor Prickless Glucose Meter
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    Secret Servicer

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    Price: $999.99

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Diabetic? You're not alone

Anyone who is diabetic will remember the day they came face to face with the truth of that impossibly high blood sugar reading. No matter how common the condition is — and it’s more common than ever in India, as we know — diabetes is always something that happens to someone else; like to an annoying aunt. Until it happens to you.

The shock of knowing you have it too takes a long while to wear off, if it does at all. All of a sudden, the prospect of life being completely different from that day on looms large in front of you, making you feel intensely vulnerable. I remember the exact date and time that I found my carelessness and my inheritance had come together in a sugar reading I won’t even mention. I felt so fragile; I found I was even sitting down and standing up with extreme care — with a permanently embedded awareness of my condition.

And then there are always those who don’t miss a beat and with a devil-may-care attitude, dig straight into that tub of ice cream anyway. Jeff Dachis wasn’t one of them. After the initial shock and a singularly unhelpful visit to the doctor, he decided it was all about self-care. “About three years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes,” he said. “And I was given an insulin pen, a prescription and a pat on the back and I was out the door in about six minutes.” Deeply annoyed with the healthcare market, Dachis wanted to do something to empower himself and others to take charge of their own health because “Diabetes health happens outside of the doctor’s clinic, not in it.”

Glucose meter watch for teens?

In Panic Room Kristen Stewart's character has a glucose meter watch on her wrist((I guess that's what you would call it)) I was wondering where could I find them or order them from b.c sometimes I don't watch my blood sugar and I really need one.

Those things were wildly inaccurate and hideously expensive. You're just going to have to suck it up like the rest of us.

And you need to learn the difference between "need" and "want", too. You NEED to test your blood

The Glucose Meter watches were found to be BADLY erratic, giving MANY false readings. Their production was stopped in 2007 (I think).

they were NEVER licensed by the FDA, and were never sold in the United States.

And remember,

Those things were wildly inaccurate and hideously expensive. You're just going to have to suck it up like the rest of us.

And you need to learn the difference between "need" and "want", too. You NEED to test your blood

i was told to buy a glucose meter and watch my glucose..?

and the last 3 days its been steady 100. Im 23 and i weigh 110-5'5 1/2.. my sugar at the doctors was 117 so this is why they wanted me to watch it?? i thought this was a good level/?

Your blood sugar is not static, but dynamic. It changes frequently every day depending on the type of food you consume, when you take your blood sugar test after you have eaten, your level of activity, stress, illness, and so forth. It is an amazing

It depends upon when you are testing your glucose level. Was the glucose level performed in your doctor's office a fasting glucose? A fasting (meaning you have not eaten for 10-12 hours) glucose of 117 is a bit out of the normal range (60-100). Early

If this was within 2 hpours of a meal I would consider this a good level but in normal circumstances a non diabetics blood sugar should read between 71-100.