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    NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper, Liv, 0.27-Ounce (Packaging May Vary)
    Beauty (NYX Cosmetics USA, Inc.)

    NYX Cosmetics USA, Inc.

    List Price: $5.50
    Price: $5.49
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    • Injection-free, heavy duty lip plumper for luscious lips
    • Tingly sensation when applied like spicy chili
    • Boost lips to its fullest shape and size

    Lip Balm Plumper Gloss 100% Natural Moisturizing Beeswax Treatment For Dry Cracked Chapped Skin |Orangelyptus By FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH
    Beauty (Frankincense & Myrrh)

    Frankincense & Myrrh

    List Price: $14.99
    Price: $14.99
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    • THIS BEESWAX LIP BALM PLUMPER TREATMENT HAS 100% ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS A MUST HAVE BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!- To many products on the market today only focus on sales and not your HEALTH. Most of these products are filled with heavy metals that leach into your blood stream causing endocrine glad disfuction and a number of other elments.
    • OVERNIGHT LIP TREATMENT PROVIDES A PROTECTIVE LAYER TO PROTECT CHAPPED LIPS FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS- Applying lipstick without a lip barrier is something that is consistantly done over and over. This is not a good practice! Imagine this lips are very thin and have no sweat glands so they soak up all dyes and pigments from within the lipstick. Apply this lip treatment before lipstick to create a barrier for hydration during and after lipstick removal.
    • ORGANIC COCONUT OIL HEALS DRY, CRACKED, & UNDER MOISTURIZED LIPS FROM THE FIRST USE- This formulation was formulated with the perfect mixture of drying, semi drying, and none drying oils and butters to keep drying cracked lips at bay. Rest and be assured your lips will thank you for this healing sensation..
    • ALL CAPPING BEES WAX IS A VERY RARE INGREDIENT THAT SEALS IN MOISTURE TO INSURE NO DRY LIPS- Please Value This! Most products use beeswax but not all beeswax is created equal. Most cosmetics use beeswax that is mainly honeycomb wax which is still good wax but not our cup of tea. The All Capping Wax we use has no honeycomb wax in its mixture. Its the purest form of wax rarely to be found by any bee keeper. This wax will cause your lips to be Plumper, Healthier, and feel like Royalty!
    • COCONUT, OLIVE OIL, & SHEA BUTTER PROVIDE NATURAL UV PROTECTION FOR ALL LIP TYPES. This is key for those looking for an alternative natural UV protectant. To often you use a lip balm or lip gloss with a chemical spf formulation( Use your doctor perscribed lip balm by all means!!) that protects your lips as claimed but does other damage within the body. These oils are proven to work as a great UV shield for most people but not all.

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What kind of lip gloss or plumper do you recommend?

I have really thin lips and want them to look bigger. I also want a lip gloss that's shiny but also like.. shimmery/sparkly and I would want it in a light pink color or clear. What's a product that you recommend?

Also, could I use a

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Polish. Its awsome! its both plumper and gloss.

victoria secrets has a good lip plumper..
and i think it would go
plumper than gloss

Is there a lip plumper out there without the gloss??

I've bought lip plumpers before that work but it's extremely obvious that I'm using plumper because of the shine the gloss gives away. Is there any type of lip plumper that's like chapstick and NOT lip gloss?

victorias secret has a really good one =)
i dont remember if its glossy but it TOTTTTTAAAAALLLLY WORKS!

answer mine plz?; _ylt=AqNMzNbXQZaWMwVxayi664Dsy6IX;_ylv=3 ?q

IM not sure but ive heard that Duwop has a lip balm that plumps lips as well...
If there isnt such product its crazy bcz men need to have full lips as well.. ha ha

Clinique has one.