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The Effect of Endogenous Androgens in Elite Female Athletes

The context surrounding the study of the impact of testosterone on elite athletes is essential in understanding its underlying hypothesis – that “excess” endogenous testosterone confers a competitive advantage. This is a direct outgrowth of the Dutee Chand’s suspension that was overturned because while “possessing high levels of testosterone and thereby increasing lean body mass creates a competitive advantage,” there was no evidence of endogenous testosterone’s impact. It also explains the apparent conflict of interest of the authors; one the head of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) [1] Health and Science Department, the other a consultant and member of the workgroup on hyperandrogenic females and transgender issues and was a witness in the Chand case. 

While exogenous testosterone and androgens are among the most commonly used doping substances of female athletes accounting for 55% of 116 females serving under a doping ban in 2016, the issue at hand is endogenous production – that is, elevated levels of testosterone and androgens made naturally by these athletes because of their innate metabolomics [2], characterized as hyperandrogenic “disorders.” 

Question for men or women: Have you ever tried natural sexual enhancement?

For men - I'm not talking the supposed "male organ" enhancers but ones to increase sex drive, harder erections, increased performance. If so, what did you use? Do you recommend it?

For women - have you tried anything that increases

never known a guy to need to and I certainly don't god I would never get out of bed if I did

just get some of the little blue pills pal swallow them fast or you get a stiff neck ha ha

hold ing ones ccock hard inmsbt and against a vagina should do

Tell me the best websites for "eBook Store" other than,, ebay, barnes&nobbles, etc...??

eBook about everything just like the old-fashioned book store. I'm looking for ebooks with men's health, impotence, sexual enhancer/natural aprodhisiac as the subject. Thank you for your kind help.

I was going to recommend everyone who you didn't want to know form...sigh, sorry, I can't help unless you really want me to recite the list you have already given. Good luck. It sounds like you have a very serious problem.