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Invisalign Root Resorption

How to prevent root resorption using the Golden Rule of Orthodontics

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As chief of orthodontics at NYU Lutheran Pediatric Dental Residency and at Rady Children’s Hospital–San Diego, I regularly provide didactic and clinical instruction to nonorthodontic residents. I find that orthodontics is a topic that most of my residents are eager to learn about. I structure this education so that the learning experience will be rewarding rather than punishing, so with that in mind, I begin instruction for each new class of residents with the Golden Rule of Orthodontics: Primum non nocere .

While not specifically in the Hippocratic Oath, primum non nocere is believed to be derived from it and means first, do no harm or above all else, do no harm . In other words, before you do anything to a patient, make sure that you are not making matters worse. What good does it do to straighten