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Invisalign Express Refinement

11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Invisalign

11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Invisalign There's a "refinement period." I thought I'd be done after 40 trays, until my sister said, "Oh no, honey. After that, you'll have a set of refinement aligners to fix any stubborn teeth." So basically, after the initial set of aligners are complete

Digitally Streamline Debanding and Retention

Digitally Streamline Debanding and Retention As an orthodontist, there is nothing more frustrating than finishing up a case, only to have the patient return later due to tooth movement. While you want to do everything possible for your patients, refining just one tooth can take time from your day

Align Technology Announces Invisalign Express 5, New Cost Effective Treatment ...

Invisalign Express 5 will be available beginning January 30 to Invisalign doctors in North America at a lab fee of $549 with the optional one-time refinement for an additional lab fee of $125. For more information, please visit

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick She slips out her Invisalign and clicks it into a plastic case. "Supergross." It's this kind of down-to-earth, pretension-free charm that has endeared Kendrick to Madison Avenue—a budding relationship she's eager to pursue as well. "Lately I've really

In Favor of Invisible

If a patient gets off track, corrections and refinements can be made midtreatment. ClearCorrect, for instance, uses a phase-based approach, manufacturing and shipping only four aligner sets at a time, to make it easy to incorporate changes. When

Hospital turns to 3-D printing technology

But even the most technologically advanced MRI and CAT scan machines produce only flat-layered images of what she'll see in the operating room, and Ganim's knowledge of human anatomy is all she has to turn over in her mind.

Replica organ models, however, like those printed by biomedical engineer Greg Gagnon in an office in Baystate's intensive care unit, can get her as close to reality as possible without actually cutting a patient open. Single handedly — with support from the hospital's administration — Gagnon, who is entirely self taught, is changing the way Baystate surgeons plan for their work.

"This kind of modeling helps me to sleep better, because I can imagine it much more easily," Ganim said. Sitting at a table in her Springfield office, she picked up a plastic replica of a large tumor on a patient's rib cage compressing the right lung.

"On the CAT scan, it wasn't really clear what was going on," Ganim said. She sent the scans to Gagnon, who used software to convert the layered images into a 3-dimensional model, isolate the tumor, rib cage and lungs, and print a replica, to scale, using three types of plastic to distinguish the different elements.