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“Choose You” in the New Year

“Choose You” in the New Year As you begin your new journey into 2016, be sure that you put YOU on your list of resolutions! Grace Gold, beauty and wellness journalist, says in a recent survey, 9 out of 10 women didn't achieve a New Year's resolution because they were too afraid to

Santa Fund helps provide necessities to Charlottesville children

According to the Virginia Department of Education, nearly 55 percent of the Charlottesville public-school population, 2,382 students, was eligible for free or reduced-price meals last school year. As the holiday season arrives, so too does the 121st

Hornets handle Mountaineers

Hornets handle Mountaineers Careful assessment goes into every property we list and our agents can offer a referral network that you will not find at any other agency. McLean Faulconer may not be the Our treatment options include:Invisalign• Traditional metal and clear braces

"Roadshow" expert talks treasure

"Roadshow" expert talks treasure Whether show participants offer a rare artifact or simply a family heirloom for Mason's assessment, the popular expert always finds joy in the experience. “I'm glad to do it because I love to unravel a mystery.” Fame has also brought some dubious

Seniors fitted for safe driving through Car Fit Program

Seniors fitted for safe driving through Car Fit Program “It's not an assessment of their ability to drive, but just to make sure they're safe.” Statistically “We assess whether they need any interventions — there are a lot of gadgets that can be added into vehicles to help the person be safer and more

Think DIY braces will fix your smile? Startup says yes; orthodontists say think again

Replacing the middlemen

The dental industry has been transformed in the past 20 years by computers that can design a sequence of clear aligners — plastic appliances that fit over the teeth and nudge them into place — to replace metal wires and brackets.

Moreover, 3D printer technology, which has helped create the molds for the aligners, has become more sophisticated and affordable, giving rise to companies such as SmileDirectClub — started in Detroit by two entrepreneurs who grew up in Michigan — that sell the aligners directly to patients.

SmileDirectClub emphasizes convenience and cost, calling its service "the secret to affordable braces for your teen" and touting that it " eliminates the middle men who mark up the cost and cuts out all those unnecessary monthly office visits."

SmileDirectClub says that braces can run $5,000 and more, but with the company's aligners, children 12 and older can have their smiles transformed for less, $80 a month or a single payment of $1,850.