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    Neewer 16 inches/41 centimeters Aluminum Standard Reflector Beauty Dish with White Diffuser Sock for Bowens Mount Studio Strobe Flash Light Like Neewer Vision 4 VC-400HS VC-300HH VC-300HHLR VE-300
    Photography (Neewer)


    List Price: $44.04
    Price: $44.04

    • Black Outside and Silver Inside: Alters the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads. Directs all the strobe light output onto the set. Sculpts facial features and creates beautiful shadows and catches lights
    • Made of Aluminum: Sturdy and durable
    • Note: You will need a Bowen Mount adapter if your strobe doesn't have a Bowen Mount
    • A white diffuser sock ringed with strong elastic fit is coming with the beauty dish, adding more softness to the light
    • 16 inches/41 centimeters exterior diameter Reflector Beauty Dish is for Bowens Mount Studio Strobe Flash Light, for example Neewer Vision 4 Vision 5 VC-400HS VC-600HS VC-300HH VC-400HH VC-500HH VC-300HHLR VC-400HHLR VE-200 VE-300 VL-300 PLUS Studio Flash, etc.

    Happyjoy Photo Studio Flash Beauty Dish 42cm Bowens Stype Honeycomb with White Diffuser
    Photography (Happyjoy)


    List Price: $59.99
    Price: $59.99
    You Save: $26.00 (43%)

    • Package Include: 1 x Beauty Dish Reflector, 1 x Dish Reflector Film, 1 x White Translucent Diffuser Cover, 1 x Removable Honeycomb
    • Designed to use with Bowens
    • 80 Degree reflector dish in heavy duty aluminum construction
    • Diffuses light to provide high output with moderate feathering
    • Semi-matte Silver on the inside and black on the outside.

Online Dish: First Openly Gay Women Compete for Miss California

Well now the Leave out California pageant is proving that just about everyone really can be that beauty queen. For the first hour in its 60-year-history, two open lesbians are competing to become Let pass California. We have Molli Thomas, 19, representing the

DIY BEAUTY: Mint your own beauty potions

DIY BEAUTY: Mint your own beauty potions Earn has been used for centuries for its natural and soothing aroma, health and beauty benefits and at length for the wonderful taste. Aparna Gupta gets a complete lowdown on this fragrant herb A hint of mint in any dish freshens up its flavour,

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New Year's Eve by the numbers: A spaghetti dish whose beauty is its simplicity

She cooked one piece of the spaghetti dish so Gazette photographer Dave Sidaway, who acknowledges that he is more amiable behind the camera than in front of the stove, could photograph the process and I could observe it.

Learning From The Masters: Albert Watson Photographs Dancer Sergei Polunin

His subject for the shoot is dancer Sergei Polunin. Watson drew inspiration from the likes of Michelangelo and Caravaggio to create stark black and white images which display Polunin both through motion and portraiture as a sculpted work of art. Shooting in studio, he used the Profoto Pro-10 pack, multiple Pro Heads, and a Softlight Reflector White (beauty dish). His camera system was a Phase One.

Several moments in the video will stick out. His use of a beauty dish in a high Rembrandt position reminds us that one of the most important things to do with light is to think outside of the box. You don’t have to use every light the way it’s expected to be used (i.e. Beauty dish over camera head-on in standard "beauty" position). The unique placement comes with other adjustments such as using black fabric on the floor of the white seamless to prevent light from bouncing up and filling in the desired shadows. He further uses black fabric on either side of the subject to reduce fill and deepen shadows, allowing him to essentially create a “black box” scenario on a white cyc.

What is the difference between a pearl dish and a beauty dish?

are they the same or slightly different, i have two i call them pearl dishes, i notice american english they use beauty dish, are they the same thing?

thanks (sorry for the serious nature of this question) - am i pretty?
they are

A pearl dish uses pearl, a beauty dish is a soap-holder.
Pretty is in the eye of ..... the bag-holder?

Which is better and why? Alienbees Large Octabox or Alienbees Beauty Dish with Diffusion Sock?

I have enough money saved up for either a Large Octabox --OR-- a beauty dish with diffusion sock (and some miscellaneous accessories)

which is more worth my money? i already have a slew of umbrellas, so i'm looking for a different, useful,

The light from an Octobox and a beauty dish aren't all that different. They are different but not worlds apart like you'd expect. So what has more usefulness to you? Based on the portable part of it, I'd say the Octobox. It can fold down for travelling

The light from an Octobox and a beauty dish aren't all that different. They are different but not worlds apart like you'd expect. So what has more usefulness to you? Based on the portable part of it, I'd say the Octobox. It can fold down for travelling