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Southborough has got a lot of bite

Tell us a little of the history of the Southborough Dental Practice.

Established over 70 years ago, Southborough Dental Practice has been providing dental care for over three generations of families. Thanks to diligence, continuous hard work and the dedication of our staff members and associates, we have been able to provide our services both as NHS and independent services without any interruptions, even when we moved to our new premises in 2014. This move has allowed us to offer a higher level of service and deliver a wide range of treatment, including a number of cosmetic options such as whitening and straightening. At our practice, we believe a smile is one of your greatest assets and is worthy of the best care.


How has business developed since your arrival in 2014?

Our focus has always been on improving services to our patients, and we continue to grow our services. Following our successful move to our new premises, we have been able to install two new surgeries with the latest technology available to provide only the best and latest treatment options for our patients. This has enabled us to expand our team to include specialists in implants, orthodontic work and cosmetic dentistry in-house.