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Orthodontic braces buying guide

We take a look at:

types of braces maintenance after orthodontic treatment orthodontist vs general dentist . 

We also surveyed CHOICE members about their experiences with braces, using their observations to help compile our top tips when shopping for and wearing braces.

Types of braces Brackets and wire

Conventional braces have come a long way since the metal train tracks of old. For one, the brackets (the bits that stick on your teeth) are smaller, can be made from stainless steel, titanium or ceramic, and can be silver, gold, clear or tooth-coloured. Stainless steel brackets are the most economical option.

The wires that ultimately pull the teeth into alignment are usually made from titanium alloy or stainless steel. Like the brackets, they also can be tooth-coloured, making them less obtrusive (and more expensive).

There are different systems for holding the wire: the most common system, the so-called fixed edgewise appliance, involves wire ties or small elastic bands – available in a rainbow of colour choices – which secure the wire within a slot on each bracket.