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'If traveling was free you'd never see me again!' — details from the Hunter indictment

The Hunters frequently attribute expenses to items needed for gift baskets or meals with supporters. Often, they would claim purchases were for the benefit of charities, such as the Wounded Warriors Foundation. The following allegations in the indictment indicate the expenses were not as claimed:

Vacations and travel August 6 to 10, 2011, in Las Vegas and elsewhere, the Hunters spent $2,448.27 on a personal vacation with individuals 3A and 3B. During the vacation, the Hunter’s bank account began to incur insufficient funds fees until a check from Duncan Hunter’s parents was deposited in the account. To conceal and disguise charges, Duncan Hunter told his treasurer they were “campaign related.” Margaret said the Las Vegas charges were for “couple meals.” August 18, 2011, Hunters spent $1,419 on five round-trip tickets to Boise for a family vacation. Hunter told his treasurer the charges were “campaign related.” October 28, 2011, in and around Washington, D.C. the