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Anderson: Treatment for repeated swelling of dog's ear

In my experience, surgery definitely produces the most cosmetic appearance, but it obviously costs more, so you have to consider that in your choice of treatments. Got a pet-related question? Send it to Dr. Anderson, a veterinarian at Hawthorne Park

The Fight Over Fluoride

The Fight Over Fluoride Jim Williams hated to see children in pain. Back in 1965, when he was a 30-year-old dentist, he was astounded by the condition of his young patients' teeth. Before they left his chair, he'd usually end up pulling a rotten molar and fixing a “barrel” of

Another Shot For Kato Armstrong

Another Shot For Kato Armstrong The last team Armstrong remembers playing for was the Huntsville (Alabama) Lasers in the short-lived Global Basketball Association in 1992. “They were coming though Dallas, so I met them at DFW,” he says. “Went back to Huntsville, got me a place. Split

AlaLandCo, Inc. Grows to Serve Alabama and Four Bordering States, Changes Name ...

AlaLandCo, Inc. Grows to Serve Alabama and Four Bordering States, Changes Name ... The Land Show Radio Crew - Dave Milton (center), Robert King (front left), George Mann Back Left, Russ Walters (Back Right) & Kyle Ingalls (Front Right) air their one-hour radio show on Newstalk Stations across Alabama including 105.5 FM WERC . 3rd

Recycled Power Plant Equipment Bolsters America's Premier Space Launch ...

DECATUR, Ala., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to motor-speed regulating machines sourced from another company's facility, Alabama-Decatur Energy announced a recent energy efficiency upgrade at its plant that supplies thermal utilities to