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Invisalign With Rubber Bands

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Fixing the 'mess' in my mouth far from painless

I expected to become familiar to the presence of metal, hooks, ceramic brackets and rubber bands filling my entrance. I did not. Trying to explain to friends, I would say, "It's like irritating to hold five marbles in your mouth.

Goodbye, “Brace Face:” Here Are the Latest Advancements in Orthodontics

Not that long ago, getting braces meant a mouthful of painful stainless steel that guaranteed a smoothie diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the first two weeks, followed by two to three years of lunchroom agony: removing tiny rubber bands and placing them delicately on a napkin, out of sight, so they didn’t fly off mid-PB&J.

But advances in technology have created not only less conspicuous dental appliances but speedier tooth movements. “Accelerated orthodontics,” as it’s often called, has also led to a growing number of adults getting braces.

“I’ve seen things move from a time where the average treatment for adults used to be two and a half to three years, and now it’s ten to 18 months,” says Kevin McGrath of Oakton Family Orthodontics , who has been practicing for 35 years. “Kids back in those days were 23 to 30 months—now most are 18 to 24.”

He says a big reason for faster treatment times starts with the wires, which are now made of copper, nickel, and titanium, a combination that makes the wire move constantly by just the heat of your mouth.

I'm planning on getting invisalign and i have looked them up, but i still have a few questions.?

My orthodontist says that I'm a good candidate for invisalign so i have been looking it up to make sure that it is the right choice over braces. My orthodontist mentioned putting rubber bands on the invisalign. Does anyone know how that works? Also, I

Glad you are a good candidate, your teeth must be healthy and *reasonably aligned* :)

Yes, rubber bands are sometimes used for teeth that need a little more help than the usually space track can provide. It is not a big deal and are usually

There is pain in teeth whenever you start shoving them around whether it's with braces, Invisalign, or other trauma. Invisalign will straighten front teeth well, but traditional braces have better control of the movements of the teeth ending with a better

Glad you are a good candidate, your teeth must be healthy and *reasonably aligned* :)

Yes, rubber bands are sometimes used for teeth that need a little more help than the usually space track can provide. It is not a big deal and are usually

Does Invisalign Mess up your jaw?

Well, with braces i know that you have to use rubber bands to align your jaw and since invisalign moves your teeth around, wouldn't you need rubber bands for invisalign also to align your jaw?

Invisalign can only do certain movements, id advise braces rather

Read this it might help you with an answer /29/get-the-tom-cruise-smile/#more-29
As far as I know invisalign are very comfortable and convenient. Invisalign is one of the great orthodontic solutions